Our Annual Holiday Card Contest drew to a close yesterday. Thanks to those of you who submitted fantastic and original holiday card concepts, voting is going to be difficult.

While we wait for votes to trickle in from our teams, we wanted to put the spotlight on a few of last year’s submissions. We hope the recap will serve as inspiration and connect you with others who share your love for the handmade greeting.


Handmade Holiday CardCreated by Elisa B.

Handmade Holiday CardCreated by Haley S.

DIY Holiday CardCreated by Pattie A.

DIY Holiday CardCreated by Sherry M.

Handmade Holiday CardCreated by one of our talented PS Kids

Holiday CardCreated by Alice D.

DIY Holiday CardsCreated by Michelle N.

Comment with your favorite or a share a link to your own. Happy holidays!


3 Responses

  1. Chrystina says:

    I love that idea for the holly! It’s a great shape, definitely stands out in the bunch, and provides a lot of creative space for writing and pictures!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I entered my local Pottery Barn Christmas card contest!!! My hubby and I used the craft letters to spell out “Merry Christmas!” I covered the letters in the red paper source polka dot paper and strung them together with twine. Then we had our picture taken and made our cards 100% from Paper Source products!! From inside the picture to the lined envelopes! They were a HUGE hit among all our friends and family! I love the Paper Source!! Merry Christmas to all of you!!! I posted details of our card on my blog here:

  3. There wwas a Pottery Barn contest, too?!? Wish I could see all the entries!