Whether you’re grilling out, spending time with family or watching cars race in Indianapolis, we hope you celebrate the upcoming holiday weekend with PS style. The PS Blog is a great resource for inspiration. Check out our patriotic paper rosettes, festive banner and treat toppers, or try your hand at our newest kit!
memorial day decorations

The Patriotic Starburst Kit is an easy way to add style to your holiday gathering. The kit makes six 15″ starbursts (2 of each color shown) that you can string together as garland or hang individually.

paper star how to

The sheets are pre-cut and the rest is up to you!

      For one star (8 sheets):

1. Position square of paper like a diamond. Roll the two innermost paper cuts together to form a tube and secure with double-stick tape by pressing firmly.

2. Flip diamond over to the other side and repeat tube formation with the next two set of cuts. This tube will be a fuller shape than the first tube on the other side.

3. Flip back and repeat with the next paper cuts. Repeat this systematic “tube and flip” with all the squares.

4. Because the rolls are asymmetrical, position 4 rolls facing in the same direction. Staple tips together creating half of a starburst’s center. Repeat with 4 more completed rolled pieces.

5. Connect the starburst’s center halves by stapling together.

6. Double stick (or staple) where each side of the starburst meets.

7. Punch a hole at one tip and string to hang.

Pop over to the Paper Source website to browse patriotic crafts or find other decorating ideas on the PS Blog.

Have a happy and safe holiday!


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  1. I just linked to your starbursts as part of a Patriotic themed Christmas!Thanks for the great how to! http://www.justbecauseyoulikechristmas.com/?p=79