When you see the first pumpkin at the market, it’s a telltale sign that autumn has arrived. And while we all love their cheerful color and festive fall appearance, carving them can be a rather messy endeavor. For a less messy and more kid-friendly approach, try adorning your pumpkin with paper embellishments instead. Use our easy-to-follow guide for decorating pumpkins without ever having to touch a carving knife.


Things You’ll Need:





1. Clean any dirt and debris off of your pumpkin.


2. Open the Succulent Wreath Kit and punch out all the paper petals. Group them by size, shape, and color.



3. Use the bone folder to curl the paper petals.



4. Follow the Succulent Wreath guide to assemble your flowers.



5. Using the Quick Dry Adhesive, secure your assembled paper succulents onto the pumpkin. Cluster them across the top of the pumpkin leaving the stem visible and using paper leaves to fill in any gaps.



For more guidance, check out this video with the steps for creating this DIY.


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