Father's Day Card

Give your dad something nifty this Father’s Day. Our A2 note cards don a dapper do for this Father’s Day card. It’s the perfect way to put a smile on his face! Feeling extra crafty? Try creating yours from a box mailer.

Materials Needed:


  • Print the Father’s Day fill-in notes PDF, cut apart on the dotted lines, and write desired sentiments onto the four sheets.
  • Use the templates provided to cut the collar shapes from Eco-White paper and the tie shape from patterned fine paper.
  • Using the 1/8″ hole punch, create a hole in the upper right corner of the A2 card.
  • Stack the four sheets together and line up behind the A2 flat card.
  • Use the punched hole as a guide to hole punch through the sheets making sure all of the layers line up.
  • Insert brad through holes to create booklet. Adhere tie to front of card with double stick tape.
  • Use foam squares to adhere collar shapes in place (this will cover brad).
  • Cut a small strip to create tie clip and use it to write message.
  • Use Zip Dry glue to add tie clip and buttons.

Your dad will surely love the thoughtful notes and clever shirt design!

– Claudia
PS colors: curry & fuchsia
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2 Responses

  1. Mel McCarthy says:

    This is just the sweetest. Love the patterned tie & the way there’s a little saying as a tie clip in the PDF instruction pics. So sweet!

  2. Love it! Your card was featured in our Father’s Day Round-up today!


    Thanks for sharing your darling printable!