Halloween decorations_pomette garlandWe love these easy Halloween decorations for doorways and hallways. Our tissue paper pomettes (mini pom-poms) can be done in any color for any occasion – here the combination of black and poppy adds a touch of Halloween flair. Spooky fun!

PS colors: peacock & paper bag
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Materials needed:
How to PDF
Tissue Paper (black & poppy)
Black Linen Thread

1. Cut tissue papers to approximately 3″ X 5″. Create a mix of black and poppy, all black and all poppy pomettes.
2. Stack 6 sheets per pomette (diagram A). Make 1/2” accordion folds with each stack (diagram B). Cut points at both ends of tissue (diagram C).
3. Tie centers with 6” pieces of thread (diagram D). Carefully pull ends of each layer towards knot to fluff up the pomettes.
4. String up one long length of thread where you want your decor to hang and attach tissue pomettes.


7 Responses

  1. Trixie_Pixie says:

    MS has a kit of these, and I really wanted them, but we all
    know MS kits are pricey. Thanks PS for showing us how to create our own with your nifty piece items. Fabulous instructions!!!
    Thank you, Ciao!

  2. Heather says:

    I love this! I’m throwing a Halloween bday party, so this is a perfect addition to our decorations!

  3. Awesome tutorial! Simple and it looks great!

  4. annie says:

    trixie_pixie – you are so welcome! play with different sizes, color combos & cuts to make them really unique. tip: the bigger the pom, the more tissue layers you will need for a nice round pouf!

    heather – oh how fun! i hope you use this how-to for all your parties!

    event graphics – thanx! sometimes, it’s those simple things that produce big smiles!

  5. stacy finke says:

    Great directions! Looking forward to making these for my classroom. Thanks.

  6. mary Pat says:

    Hi, is there a video of this on YOUTUBE, I can’t find the diagrams mentioned