Chalkboard Crafts

From crafters to brides-to-be to home design enthusiasts it seems chalk is inspiring DIY projects across the board (pun totally intended). The Paper Source Design Team grabbed a few everyday items and went to town with our own chalkboard products, creating a dozen easy-to-execute ideas with simple chalk and chalkboard accents.

We also love the possibilities for kids. Let them doodle away with classic chalk, bistro markers, or even a white gel pen (if you’re seeking a permanent print that takes on the appearance of chalk).

Around the house you can adhere removable, repositionable Chalkboard Wallies to a kitchen wall or back entryway for notes, reminders, or even a running grocery list! Or, try using chalkboard paint on a porous surface. Secure a repurposed frame, window, or shutter to create a DIY memo board with chalkboard paint.

Last week, listed Chalkboard Wallies as the #1 Item to Simplify Your Life. Our Summer Party Ideas post shows you how to use these must-haves as labels, just like the jars featured above.

What ways have chalkboards inspired your projects?


5 Responses

  1. Aggie says:

    You know, it’s interesting you post this now. I was at the PS on the UWS and asked about the Chalkboard Wallies. My question is “can you use any of the craft punches on the cb wallies?” No one seemed to be able to answer that. I purchased it anyway to test it out, I’ve been to scared to try it.

  2. Aggie says:

    sorry…*too scared”

  3. Snavec says:

    Is it just me or doesn’t the chalk rub off on the stuff you use often? I like the easy-to-change aspect, but chalk isn’t that durable.

  4. PS Annapolis says:

    Hi Snavec!
    We’ve had great luck with the Chalk Markers here! We use them for all our Work Shop Boards, and other displays. They don’t leave dust everywhere like regular chalk, are bright and vibrant, and won’t rub off. They do clean easily with water or a glass cleaner.
    Hope that helps!

  5. Cheryl Goessling says:

    Oh I think this is really a cool!
    I can’t wait to try it .
    All first grade teachers who craft will love it!
    Cheryl G