Each month, we love to feature an independent maker that you can find on the shelves in-store or online at papersource.com. This November, Meet Farren Celeste, our maker of the month. Farren specializes in Paper Floristry where she makes stunning and elegant floral arrangements that can last a lifetime. Explore special techniques to create these beautiful bouquets, and how to get started in this creative escape with more from our maker here.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a registered nurse turned paper artist currently living in Seattle, Washington. I turned in my scrubs to start a creative business full time when my husband’s job moved us to The Netherlands for 4 years. I teach realistic cardstock paper flowers and elevated, but approachable designs for cutting machines through my online workshops at farrenceleste.com.

Paper artistry keeps me inside during the week, so I love to be outside when I’m not working. We recently moved back to the United States to the Pacific Northwest, where there is great hiking, kayaking, skiing, and so much to explore. I love to walk my dog, Callie, and visit the local farmer’s markets.

When did you begin paper floristry?

When I was working as a nurse, I had a small side hustle creating paper party decor. I had a request for a floral-themed first birthday party, and looked for cutting machine templates to create paper flowers for the event. At the time, the only options were either large and unrealistic, or required hand cutting and complicated assembly. So, I experimented with creating my own templates which resulted in my paper Juliet Rose.

I continued to create my own digital templates so I could offer unique products to my customers. I never intended on sharing or selling the original templates. When I found out we were moving to The Netherlands, I knew shipping internationally would be expensive and complicated, so I transitioned to teaching people how to make my designs themselves through my online workshops. I discovered for creative people, like myself, the fun is in making something with your hands!

How did you become involved in the art of paper floristry? Have you always been interested in floral elements?

After designing my first paper flower template, I fell in love with the process of turning fresh blooms into paper. Once I started sharing my templates and tutorials online, the paper flowers became my most popular designs. Seeing the joy the paper flowers brought to my fellow makers gave me the motivation to keep creating.

Tell us about your style.

I would describe my style as feminine and free-spirited. My name, Farren, means wanderer or adventurer, which is an essence that I try to apply to both my work and my personal life. My goal is to make paper flower making a creative escape where you can leave the stress of life behind to make something beautiful, even if it’s just from the comfort of your own home.

What inspires you as a Maker? 

As a paper flower artist, there is no better inspiration than the real thing- fresh flowers. When I lived in The Netherlands, I was surrounded by inspiration for flowers from the tulips that grow in their fields to the gorgeous blooms that color their weekly markets. I am so thankful for the time I spent there and the paper flowers that resulted. Now that I’m back in the USA, I’m lucky that there are amazing flowers in Seattle as well! There are flower stands on the weekends from local farmers, weekly farmer’s markets, and amazing florists all in my neighborhood.

What are the essentials in your maker toolkit?

The three basics of everything I create are 1. Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine 2. Hot glue and a hot glue gun 3. Cardstock paper.

The Papersource text-weight papers are perfect for making paper flowers. – the smooth texture makes it easy for the cutting machine to cut cleanly and the weight is perfect to create sturdy, but delicate-looking petal shapes.

What advice would you give other makers, designers, and creators given your experience?

Creativity can’t be forced. I can’t always control when the spark of inspiration hits me or stumble upon a final change that makes the paper flower come to life. It takes starting, testing, revising, and walking away from my desk a few times before a design is complete. When you are stuck, get up and move. So many times the idea comes to me when I’m out walking the dog, putting away dishes, or doing a load of laundry. Give yourself grace and fall in love with the process of creating, not just the end result.

If you are interested in learning more about cutting machines and making paper flowers but don’t know where to start, check out my FREE Intro to Paper Flower Workshop. I go over the differences between the brands of cutting machines and show you the exact materials and tools I use. You can sign up here: https://farrenceleste.com/pages/intro-to-making-paper-flowers

Do you have any specific goals for the future or dream projects in mind?

An absolute dream project would be to create a custom paper collection inspired by the colors of my favorite flowers.

What is Your Favorite Colorscope Color at PS?

Luxe Blush is my favorite Colorscope Color at PS. It’s the perfect muted soft pink that makes my paper flowers look so natural. It’s the color I always use for my paper Juliet Roses.

Do you have any favorite PS items that you are loving right now?

When I head into my local Papersource, I usually head straight to the Paper Bar. But, I always find myself picking up something by Rifle Paper Company on my way to check out. Whether it’s a new tumbler, new key chain, or headband – my floral-loving heart can’t get enough!

Also, Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, and I haven’t stopped thinking about that Luke’s Diner Mug that was on the Papersource instagram feed!

To discover more about Farren Celeste, please visit her website FarrenCeleste.com or on Instagram @FarrenCeleste.