With summer quickly approaching, we’re exploring every way to make our homes feel more aligned with the season and what better way to do that than with mermaids?! Mermaids add the perfect summer vibe and whimsical touch to any room, which is why we’ve transformed our Mermaid Kit into a fun framed piece of art. Use it to tie together a kid’s room or as a pop of color to a gallery wall. Learn how below!

hand made mermaid framed art

What You’ll Need


  • Wet several sheets of Savoy Cotton cardstock paper. Sprinkle Cosmo Cricket Pixie Paint over the paper. Swirl with a paintbrush to create unique watercolor designs- try to get a variation of colors and swirl patterns!
  • Once your paper is dry, cut out circles with the circle hole punch.
  • Trim an 8.5 x 11” sheet of lagoon cardstock to 8” x 10”.
  • Arrange the circles on the lagoon cardstock. Stick the circles to the paper with super tacky tape. Start with the top row of circles and work your way down (so that the bottom layers overlap the top).
  • Assemble a mermaid from the craft kit according it kit’s directions. Position a mermaid from the Mermaid Craft Kit onto the page!
  • Place your completed scene in an 8 x 10” frame.



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3 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Where do I buy this kit and how much is it? I don’t see this information anywhere.

  2. This is so cute! My daughter loves mermaids and I’m redecorating her room while she’s away at camp and I think I might definitely be doing this for her wall. Thanks for sharing 🙂