Whether you call it Autumn or Fall, we love it all!

The changing of the seasons and the autumnal palettes make our pump-kings and queens come to life. Fall is a vibe, an experience for all your senses. It’s the crisp cool air that is all around us, the smell of warm pumpkin pies saturating your Saturdays, colorful leaves crunching under your boots, cozy comforts cuddled all around, and that first sip of Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I have found 2 fellow fall-obsessed additions to add to my crew that were ready to get on gourd with autumn vibes because sometimes, it’s more than a season, it’s a lifestyle. 

Let’s find out more about the Fall Aficionados here:

Let’s get to know the Paper Source Fall Aficionados!

Anna Hubbard is a Fall Aficionado in and outside of work. Her self-proclaimed tagline, “Feral for Fall” has us ready to see her wild role in leading the season ahead.

  1. Why do you love fall? – There are so many reasons to love fall, but for me it feels like home. I love watching the leaves change and dressing like Nancy Drew (a true style icon), but the best part tis the coziness that enters the air that makes everything feel comfortable and warm.
  2. What would you consider the perfect fall day? – Of course, I’d be wearing a cozy fall look (chunky sweater and boots are a must). And because I can’t waste a good outfit, I’d go to a local cafe for a latte, and then spend hours wandering around at the Art Institute. Once I get home, I’ll start working on my latest craft project and end the day with a spooky TV show or a movie from my childhood for the nostalgia.
  3. What are your top picks this Fall Season?
    1. https://www.papersource.com/desk/night-mushroom-journal-10019278.html Night Mushroom Journal – I love these icons for fall!
    2. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/ghost-mug-10019495.html Ghost Mug – I’m obsessed with him and he’s already a part of my collection
    3. https://www.papersource.com/desk/2023-cavallini-co-mineralogie-wall-calendar-10020074.html Cavallini & Co. Mineralogie Calendar – It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s calendar, and I am a huge fan of Cavallini’s mineralogie print.
    4. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/amber-smoke-apothecary-candle-10018798.html – Amber & Smoke Apothecary Candle – I love a smoky candle any time of year, but they’re especially perfect for fall
    5. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/celestial-beaded-pouch-10017188.html – Celestial Beaded Pouch – Is there such a thing as too many pouches? Not when they’re this pretty!

For me, Honestly…I am addicted to Pumpkin Spice Cold Brews, and truly a fiend for all things fall. I believe that it’s never too early to get your daily dose of autumn inspiration.

    1. Why do you love fall? Besides my Birthday being at the beginning of Fall, there are so many ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons. I love all the outdoor activities, the new color palettes, the wardrobes, the cooler weather, and each of the cozy elements that bring it together. 
    2. What would you consider the perfect fall day? My perfect fall day would be starting off with a Pumpkin Spice cold brew before heading over to Gobberts farm to collect lots of bumpy gourds with character. I would definitely pick the perfect fall outfit to match the vibe which would include classic black, warm tones, and antique gold. At the farm, I would eat the most delicious grilled, buttered, corn and grab a hot apple cider for the long drive home with my basket full of orchard apples. Once I get home, I would set aside some time for crafts like kit-making or lining envelopes for my spooky stationery. Lastly, after decorating with my pumpkins, I would end the day snuggled on the couch with a favorite spooky movie, and a big bowl of crockpot chili. 
    3. What are your top picks for the Fall season?
      1. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/decorative-orange-velvet-pumpkin-10019639.html Orange Velvet Pumpkin – a perfect staple for fall & Halloween decor.
      2. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/pie-for-everyone-10020917.html Pie For Everyone Book- a way for me to use all my farmer’s market produce.
      3. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/hot-stuff-oven-mitt-10019508.html Hot Stuff Oven Mitt- this crockpot/pyrex-inspired Mitt is functional but also super cute.
      4. https://www.papersource.com/craft/virtual-workshop-celestial-stationery-10020893.html Celestial Stationery Virtual Workshop-Our heat tool feels like a magic wand and I love practicing my craft skills!
      5. https://www.papersource.com/craft/cats-in-costume-halloween-craft-kit-10020284.html Cats In Costume Halloween Craft Kit – I’m not very superstitious but I love black cats and Friday the 13th.

Roni Laity is a certified spookster when it comes to the Fall season and loves to start Halloween in style. Her costume creations are always a ghoul time!

    1. Why do you love fall? I love fall because of the colors and smells. They are so warm, cozy, and inviting.
    2. What would you consider the perfect fall day? My perfect fall day would be a walk through NYC looking at the leaves changing colors and crunching beneath my feet. Sipping a London fog while window shopping, enjoying the cooler weather. Then coming home and watching a scary movie while eating a bowl of chili.
    3. What are your top picks for the Fall season? My top fall items are mostly Halloween items because it is my favorite holiday.
      1. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/ghost-mug-10019495.html The ghost mug -Just look at that face!
      2. https://www.papersource.com/party/honeycomb-glitter-pumpkins-10019389.html The Honeycomb glitter pumpkins -I love the retro feel of these and they would be perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
      3. https://www.papersource.com/party/halloween-surprise-balls-10019380.html Halloween Surprise Balls- Again I love the vintage feel of these but they are perfect for decorations or for a Halloween party favor.
      4. https://www.papersource.com/craft/fall-icon-stickers-10015967.html These stickers are so cute. I could not wait to get them for card making!
      5. https://www.papersource.com/gifts/hot-stuff-oven-mitt-10019508.html Hot Stuff Oven Mitt- I love this shade of green and the vintage casserole dish design!

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