Paper Covered Alphabet

Paper Covered Alphabet



    1. Select a Kraft Letter and the decorative paper you wish to cover it in.
    2. Lay the paper face down on a cutting mat, and the letter face down on the paper.
    3. Trace and cut about a 2″ area around the letter to allow space to wrap the paper around the letter.
    4. Apply PVA glue to the front of the letter and place it onto the paper. Turn the letter over to smooth the paper onto the front of the letter.
    5. Place the letter back onto the cutting mat, and using the soft grip knife, make cuts along the curves and edges of the decorative paper that will allow you to fold the paper around the edges of the paper.
    6. Apply PVA glue to the sides of the letter and wrap the paper around the sides and onto the back of the letter, smoothing the paper as you go.
    7. If you wish, you can finish the back of the letter by tracing the letter onto another piece of the decorative paper, and cut just inside the tracing lines.
    8. For glittered letters, apply PVA adhesive to the entire front and sides of the Kraft Letter, then apply glitter.
    9. Allow letters to dry about 2 hours.


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  1. Nancy Vidlak says:

    Very well written directions. It would be helpful to see it in photo stages also with the written directions