Paper Covered Lampshade


The easiest way to create a paper covered lampshade is to use an existing white lampshade form. This is also helpful because an existing form already has a flame resistant coating. The instructions below can be applied to a round, conical or square lampshade form.


      1. Lay your decorative paper face down on a large working surface.
      2. Place your lampshade form on its side on top of the paper, so that one edge of the shade is flush to the paper surface.
      3. Apply Super Tacky Tape to one edge of your decorative paper.
      4. Select the part of the lampshade that you wish to be the “seam” and adhere the Super Tacky Taped decorative paper edge directly to the lampshade to create the seam.
      5. Wrap the decorative paper all the way around the shade until the other end of the decorative paper meets the seam. Please note: If the lampshade is smaller than one sheet of paper, you will need to trim the paper. Larger lampshades may require 2 pieces of paper and therefore 2 seams.
      6. Apply Super Tacky tape to adhere the edge of the decorative paper to the seam.
      7. Trim excess paper all around the lampshade at the top and bottom, leaving about a ½” of paper to wrap around the top and bottom of shade.
      8. Apply Super Tacky Tape to the 1/2″ excess trim at the top and bottom of shade.
      9. Wrap the excess trim around the lampshade form.