thanksgiving community board

At PS HQ we celebrate Thanksgiving with a fun community board. We invited our team to think of what they are thankful for this year and write it on a leaf. The finished product was this colorful fall tree covered in the things our team loves! Everyone loved getting involved and seeing what their friends are thankful for. Check out more down below!

To create a Thanksgiving Tree cover a display board with a paper of your choosing and cut out a tree form from a different colored paper. We stuck the tree to our board using zots, which we also used to stick the leaves. Tape or pins work as well to stick leaves to the board. The leaves come in various colors and sizes so the tree has some great dimension.


Our team at HQ added what they were thankful for to our tree throughout the week. So, instead of losing leaves. our tree gained some!

Thanksgiving Potluck

Our team came together for a potluck Friendsgiving. Everyone brought in food and had lunch as a community. We had turkey, so many delicious side dishes and a mountain of desserts! There were so many yummy options everyone loaded up their plates and went back for seconds. Everyone gathered, family-style, around large tables decorated with white table cloths, vases of flowers, and fall leaves. It was a great chance for people to catch up with someone they may not interact with on a day to day basis. We used this time to connect and relax before we move into the holiday season.




From our Paper Source family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of lots of yummy food!