Don’t wait for the holidays to get into gift wrap! Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations…every celebration needs the perfect gift to accompany it! But as we all know, it’s all about presentation. No one wants to receive a gift that looks like it just arrived in the mail hours before the party! One of the best parts about receiving gifts is examining the beautiful wrapping the gifts are encased in. Paper Source has a variety of unique gift wrap for all occasions to give your gifts a perfect extra amount of style!

Let’s talk about a few issues many of us face when wrapping multiple gifts. How do you signify that although your gifts may be different sizes, they are all extremely meaningful? One way to spice up the presentation of many gifts is to have each gift wrapped in their own paper, and all brought together by the tie of a ribbon!

Paper Source Gift Wrap Ideas

Different patterns can compliment each other extremely well and make each individual gift pop  with color! The top package is wrapped in our chic mint fine paper with gold dots  and the bottom package is wrapped in our mint floral wrapping paper.  These two differently sized gifts are brought together by a fuchsia organdy ribbon, with a paper flower design on top in place of a traditional bow (hint: find our solid papers here and a paper flower how-to here).

Let’s say a friend invites you over for dinner or a house warming party. You don’t want to want to seem rude, so you bring a bottle of  wine as a gift to the host or hostess. Once again you are puzzled as how to provide your kind gesture without pretty much unscrewing the cork at the host or hostess’s doorstep.

Gift Wrap Ideas for Bottles of Wine

This wine bottle is also wrapped in our mint fine paper and tied with a fuchsia organdy ribbon at the neck of the bottle. This wrapping shows more elegance and leaves a slight element of surprise as to what you arrived with, rather than just having a plastic bag from the grocery store dangling on your arm. (It’s also a great example of how to use the same materials in different ways!)

Wine bottles definitely are not the only gifts that are tricky to wrap with paper alone. Well who said that all gifts have to be covered in paper alone? Gift bags and boxes are far from boring with Paper Source’s designs!

Happy Birthday Chalk Gift Bags

These Happy Birthday Chalkboard Gift Bags are perfect for all birthday celebrations! Whether your gifts are for a boy or a girl, these multi-sized bags serve the purpose of holding all kinds of birthday treasures, while the exterior is elegant and keeps the mystery of the gifts alive.

Prism Gift Boxes

Feeling generous and don’t have a specific occasion for giving gifts? No problem. These Prism Gift Boxes  last way longer than the moment of gift giving. They are sturdy and can be used for storage and decorative pieces for a life long after the gift has been given.

Gifts are not the only things that can be wrapped with printed paper. Anything in your home can be spiced up with one of many prints from Paper Source! 

Chevron Gift Wrap and Dots Gift Wrap

Transform your plain wooden coffee table by adding a slate chevron design or decorate your desk drawers with mini dot paper! Giving your everyday furniture a boost will not only give your room a new sense of energy, but also many compliments!

Last but not least, presents are meant to be sent and received all year round, whether it is a special or occasion or not at all. 

Butterfly Gift Wrap, Zebra Gift Wrap and Floral Gift Wrap

Whether you are fond of butterfly print, a fun and friendly zebra pattern, or a lovely floral pattern,  these are just a few examples of how gifts can be made memorable from the start just from the wrapping paper alone!

What are your favorite wrapping paper designs? Let us know in the comments section!



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    These are all so pretty gift wrapping ideas! I will need to try some of them out!

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