Xyron Create-a-Sticker, paper punches

As useful and handy as this craft tool is, we think the word “Xyron” should be in the dictionary. Until it is, we figured we’d help explain for those who haven’t had the pleasure of getting to use one.

A Xyron is a machine that applies an adhesive to the backside of any paper you run through it. Besides being super easy, what makes this adhesive so useful is that it is dry — ever tried using a glue stick and noticed everything you glued began to curl? This happens to most surfaces, but especially paper, when introduced to the moisture of wet glue. With the Xyron machine, you create a dry adhesive akin to a sticker– no wet, no curl, no mess. All in all, a smooth, clean and fast way to add creativity to any project.

Xyron machines come in many sizes, each appropriate for different kinds of projects. The 510 machine, which takes paper up to 5” wide by 10’ long (hence the name), is ideal for adding paper strips to programs, photos to scrapbook pages or decorated cards. Not to mention all those lovely invites we feature on our signature “idea boards” in our stores.

The Xyron Create-a-Sticker (affectionately known as the Baby-X) offers a really easy way to make your own stickers — a great creative project for kids. The Create-a-Sticker comes with a cartridge that’s 1 1/2″ wide and allows for 20 feet of adhesive.

xyron entry

xyron stickers on strip

smoothing xyron stickers

xyron adhesive stickers

xyron stickers petal enclosure

Here are some simple steps for making stickers with the Baby-X:

1. Use one of our paper punches to create a few shapes with any decorative paper (used here: 5-Point Shape Hole Punch).
2. Drop the paper shapes facing up into the top opening on the X of the Baby-X.
3. Pull the tape as you drop the punches, and tear off at serrated edge.
4. Smooth down the reverse side of these little punches to get good adhesion (we like using a bone folder for this).
5. Once removed, the plastic carrier film can act as a clean-up tool in picking up any leftover remnants of gummy adhesive. Ball it up and gently run it along the edges of your paper.
6. Use your stickers to accent anything — cards, paper, envelopes, invitations, you name it!

Have fun!

PS colors: chartreuse & pool
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5 Responses

  1. karen says:

    i couldn’t agree more! i love my xyron machine, so very much…my sister and i used the larger one to make baby shower invitations and from there we were hooked – our days of inhaling spray adhesive are over (my lungs love the xyron machine too). thanks for the fun sticker idea!

  2. Tina Austin says:

    Do you know if this machine can be used for ribbons?

  3. Emma says:

    Yip, the machine can be used for anything, ribbons, fabric, paper, card, anything..

  4. Kristen says:

    For more info on using the Xyron with ribbon, see our blog entry on ribbon embellished wedding invitations!

  5. Reina says:

    Oh! I saw these in the store the other day and I thought I could use it, but wasn’t sure HOW. Thanks for the post, will definitely be investing now that I know what it can do. (sooo behind the times!)