One of our favorite and simplest ways to get crafty is….with tape! We love washi and paper tape! With these DIY projects, your everyday items will look new, colorful and fun. Washi tape originates from Japan and has a typical masking tape texture, but is far from dull and beige. Washi tape is most often made from the bark of trees native to Japan (this is why some tape that is similar to washi tape is simply called paper tape if it does not come from Japan).

Washi tape can literally be used on anything. It appears delicate but can actually withstand a lot. The best part? If you don’t like where you put it, just take it right off. It won’t damage or leave sticky marks on anything! It is the easiest DIY crafting you’ll ever do, so even if you think you aren’t too crafty this will quickly change your mind.

We offer multiple different styles and designs of tape – washi tape being just one of them. Below you’ll see what we’ve done to add a little color to things that you can find around your home. In addition to the washi tape, we just couldn’t help but get our hands on the Paper Source-designed Gold Foil Lace Tape. It adds a look of charm and elegance without being too flashy.


If you’re looking for even more tape inspiration, the internet has an abundance! Pinterest especially has some beautiful images (we just searched “washi tape ideas” for the search below.


Some of our favorites include DIY twist ties, gift wrap/tags, coasters, and taping down a car track for the younger ones!

Images from BuzzFeed


What’s your favorite thing you’ve DIY’ed with tape? Tell us in the comments!


3 Responses

  1. As if I needed another reason to obsess over washi tape, you’ve given me a bunch!!! That gold one in particular is so beautiful – must pick-up stat!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I just recently started playing around and working with Washi tapes and I just bought the Gold Foil Lace Tape but some reason it isn’t as sticky as I want it to be. Is there a way to make it attach better?

    • Hi Stephanie! Washi tape is made to peel off easily, so it’s not as sticky as a regular scotch tape! However, if you think you got a defective lace or washi tape from us, please take it back to the store for a refund and our associates will be happy to help! -PS Team