Ask anyone who knows me—my mom, my co-workers, my old hairstylist Jojo—to describe me in three words, and he or she will inevitably use the word “colorful.” Rich colors, like rich flavors, tickle some deep joyful place inside of me. Fiery colors can warm up even the rainiest afternoon, and bright, flowery hues help remind me that soon little pink and yellow and purple blooms will be popping up all across the city, like the Paas-dipped eggs that I thought magically appeared in our family’s lawn each Easter morning.

Lindsay's Oilily Scarf

I am, one might say, gonzo for color. So it saddens me that one of the world’s most colorful brands, Oilily, a Dutch clothing company famous for its brilliantly candy-tinged sweaters, dresses, and knitwear, was forced to close down their US stores. Luckily for me, I was able to snag this amazing framed vintage scarf right off the wall of one store before they closed the doors. As a tribute to the whimsical fun of Oilily, I wanted to highlight some of our colorful new gifts for spring.

One colorful detail that I am really excited about for spring is pom poms. Our CEO Sally took one look at our new pink and orange pom pom scarf (available next month) and said, “That is just so Lindsay, isn’t it?!?” We have adorable pom pom kitchen towels in two color combinations. We also have clip on pom poms—perfect for using as a keychain or for cute-ning up your bags or belt loops. And if you want to really go pom pom crazy, you can even make your own pom poms at home.

Fun gifts_pom pom kitchen towels
Paddywax candle gifts

Some other great gifts are our new Paddywax tin candles and diffusers, which come in delicious scent combinations and great bold prints and colors. We’ve also brought in some luxurious new brightly colored lotions and perfumes from Love & Toast. The founder of Love & Toast is a stickler for using only quality, all-natural ingredients like shea butter and macadamia and sunflower oils, and never any parabens or other gross additives.

Love & Toast Lotions & Perfumes

As the sun starts to peek out from the behind those clouds and the first green buds burst into bloom, colors will soon be everywhere—and Paper Source is no exception. Here’s to a bright and happy springtime!

–Lindsay, PS Buying Team
PS colors: beet & fuchsia
Latest fave: Lotus Flower Gift Wrap


7 Responses

  1. Alexis says:

    Nice post. I love the pom poms!

  2. Kathy M. says:

    I used to love Oilily when I was a little girl as well. So sad to hear it went out of business! Do you guys have any plans for Oilily-inspired stuff in the future? That would be so cool! (Oh, and great post, by the way. I love the Paas reference. Another blast from the past!)

  3. Sandy says:

    My granddaughter, Cassie – a college student at Western would love the pom-pom everything.
    Way to go Paper Source for alwasys staying ahead of the game….you rock.


  4. I love COLOR, too! Those pompom towels are adorable!

    Lindsay, if you like bright colors, you will probably love the party I just hosted for my daughter’s birthday:

  5. Lindsay says:

    Kim, that party looks AMAZING! I want that for my bday this year,
    thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow! Love the colors. Guess I’ll be making a trip to PS to check out the new items to blog about…now if only everything on my to-do list were this pleasant! 🙂

  7. Alonzo says:

    I have to say that I enjoy Lindsay’s contributions to this “blog” best of all.
    She obviously loves her job and it shows!!