We worked hard for it and now we’re seeing the results – a whole lot of exciting Paper Source product featured in the press this holiday season! The fun part about seeing our products in these wonderful magazines are the great ideas their creative teams come up with on their own – often with new uses we hadn’t thought of, that we love!

Better Homes and Gardens really showed us off with their story on holiday trimmings. Our Solid Wrapping Papers in pool, moss and red are coupled with our Moss, Pool Diagonal Stripes Wrapping Paper, along with gift wrap from our good friends at Snow & Graham – an inspiring mix of pattern and color. They used the 2010 Paper Source Mini Calendar to top a gift box in place of a bow (a great idea if you’re shipping a gift wrapped package since a bow might get smashed in the mail). The pool January page of the calendar looks so fresh with the red and white wrapping paper featured.
Better Homes and Gardens_December 2009
Another clever idea is using our Moss, Pool Diagonal Stripes Wrapping Paper as a bellyband around a pool package, then topped with a band of red wrapping paper that’s trimmed at the end to look like ribbon! It’s all held in place with a Pool Border 2.75″ Circle Label and a 1 1/4” Chartreuse Circle Sticker in the center – we love the layered look!
Better Homes and Gardens_December 2009
InStyle got crafty creating homemade wrapping paper with many of our rubber stamps. I love how they used the Alphabet Rubber Stamp Kit to stamp a recipient’s initials onto solid gift wrap – a great way to call out whose gifts are whose under the tree. I also love the Fleur de Lis Rubber Stamp done in gold on pool wrapping paper – very French. And finally, they used a technique that we too like to use – making dots of ink with a pencil eraser… so easy!

InStyle_December 2009

In their Christmas Ideas magazine, the folks at Better Homes and Gardens came up with another clever use for our product. Featuring our Red #1 Baby Envelopes tacked onto a background of our Moss Flourish Wrapping Paper, they created a 12 Days of Christmas activity calendar. They rubber stamped numbers onto metal-rimmed key tags you find at the hardware store to count down the days. Beginning with Christmas Day and ending with Twelfth Night, each envelope holds a holiday activity – making cookies, sledding, ice skating, and others. What a wonderful way to remind us all to celebrate the joy of the holidays!

Christmas Ideas magazine_December 2009

p.s. Real Simple and Redbook each featured our 2010 Paper Source Wall Art Calendar – thank you, thank you, we’re so glad you love it too!

— Cindy
PS colors: pool & red
Latest fave: Dutch Woodcut Floral Wrapping Paper


5 Responses

  1. Wow! They really did go to town on your GREAT products. Well done on the hard work–it definitely looks amazing in print!

  2. That’s so cool! I just got my issue of Better Homes, and I see your mini calendar and gift wrap on page 72!! Beautiful!

  3. Sarah Fox says:

    Congrats to you, you deserve all the recognition you get. Paper Source is my all time favourite place to shop!

  4. Yeah – what beautiful samples, too. Great job.

  5. Amy says:

    Congrats on the crafty mentions! I simply love the idea of dressing up a wine bottle with fun holiday paper & ribbon.

    For another paper-source shout out, check out page 40 in the holiday issue of Traditional Home! They also have a wonderful write up on Snow & Graham on page 44! 🙂