In this special Holiday Series we are bringing to you the best of what’s in stores for the holidays– as curated by some of our noted taste-makers. Today, Paper Source’s CEO weighs in with a few of her favorite things of the season.

Sally Pofcher
Noted for creating memorable activities for (and with) her daughters

troll dolls

Trolls! Many of you might remember these fuzzy friends. Well, they’re back and we love their new style.

“I love the hot colors of these little guys! They’re far cooler than the old trolls with flesh-colored skin.  The new generation comes in neons, brights, flocked and even glittered silver– there’s even a mystery combo in every lot of 15! I’d like to give a whole set to line someone’s desk for good cheer.”

sticky notes

Hang Tag Sticky Note Labels are stylish and sweet. And recycled too. What’s not to love?

“This tiny pad of sticky notes is designed to look like a paper bag hang tag. It makes even your most mundane notes look chic! It’s the perfect gift for anyone, in fact, I’m bringing them to my next book club meeting.”


Our new line of canning designs is perfect for foodies friends. Sally created a wonderful gift assortment for her friend Claire, who fell in love with the Paper Source Calendar design.

“My friend Claire is a blogger in the slow food and homesteading movement, and she fell in love with the jars artwork in the Paper Source calendar. I recently created her a gift basket of our Canning Jars Tea Towels, the Food in Jars book, a Canning Jar rubber stamp, our new Canning Jars wrapping paper, a ball of Baker’s Twine and a few other things. Now she is lining the inside of her kitchen cabinets with the paper, creating note sets with the stamp, and finding new ways to express her love for the artwork and the craft.”

gnome stamp

Holidays are the perfect time for Gnomes. From wrapping paper to stamps these creatures add festive charm to your holiday projects.

“I love this catalog sample of the gnomes on mushrooms, throwing snowballs. It depicts the charm of this rubber stamp!”

gift wrap

Sally rounds out her list with her favorite wrapping paper look of the season. Her gift wrap vision extends beyond the package, taking into consideration home décor. Sally is mindful of the harmony and balance created between coordinating patterns and contrasting scales and this holiday wrap look left her in awe.

“My first, ‘Ohhh!‘ was upon seeing the delicacy of the pine branch artwork in white relief on the slate background. The second ‘Ohhh’ was when I saw how adding ribbon made the berries in the wrapping paper pattern ‘pop’. But the graphic contrast with the chevron bag is so incredible– how elegant and amazing would it be to present gifts using all three elements?”

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