With January behind us and the end of February closer than we might believe, the solid resolutions we made on January 1 may have started to wane slightly.

This is often the case when we set lofty goals for an entire year.

You might find that the gym seems farther away, and those excuses for why you just can’t exercise today are starting to carry more weight.

Resolutions and big picture goals are a great starting point, but they put a lot of pressure on you. Once you set a resolution, you have to keep it up for 365 days, and any small misstep can feel like a failure.

Huge fitness resolutions may be too overwhelming, so a few weeks in you might find yourself on the couch rather than a treadmill. But there is hope!

There are some simple, and fun ways to achieve your goals and have you feeling healthier than ever before.

Prep Yourself

The first key in keeping your fitness resolution is to get prepared. Mentally, you need to put yourself in the right mindset. Understand why you’ve made this choice and remind yourself of that when you feel like quitting.

Another way to prepare for your fitness journey is to invest in quality items that you’ll need. Roll out your yoga mat the night before so you’re ready for your Sun Salutations when the alarm goes off. Pack your bag when you get dressed for work, so you’ll have everything you need when you get to the gym.

Preparation goes a long way in helping you find excuses to skip workouts.

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Schedule Your Time

Time is a precious commodity, and you need to allow yourself to take time for workouts. Schedule each session like you would a meeting. At work, you can’t think of excuses to bail on a meeting, right? Use that same mentality when setting fitness appointments with yourself.

Mark what days you plan to work out each week on a easily visible calendar, and you’ll find that making time becomes easier.

colorful wall calendar with workouts penciled in

Set Small Goals

Your end goal might be something grand like losing 100 pounds or fitting into the jeans you wore in high school. But if you focus on that large end game, you may become discouraged because it’s not something you can achieve quickly.

Avoid throwing in the towel by setting smaller, more manageable goals along the way. You might aim to lose 10 pounds in your first two months, or you might set a goal of losing inches from your waist, thighs and arms after a month of working out.

Another short term goal could be to cook healthy meals every night for one week. Whatever you decide, those smaller achievements are sure to improve your mood and give you confidence to continue pushing toward that end goal.

Use Positive Reinforcement

In the past you might have treated yourself to a cupcake or venti Starbucks drink for going to the gym every day in a week. Using positive reinforcement is a great way to associate exercise with good feelings, but try swapping out foods and drinks for more productive treats.

Animals lovers may decorate their desks with a whimsical, adorable unicorn, or you might purchase for yourself a fun new water bottle after you successfully complete your first 5K. When you hit big goals, you could splurge on a massage or purchase new workout clothes.

Whatever way you decide to treat yourself, keep the focus on healthy living and those positive vibes will continue to flow.

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