must-haves for the classroom according to teachers

Teachers are the perfect examples of people who Do Something Creative Every Day – whether it’s making a school subject more relatable or decorating their classrooms on a small budget, we admire the application of their thoughtful creative processes! Undoubtedly, teacher’s have an extremely difficult job and at Paper Source, we hope we can provide something that makes life a little bit easier. We asked a handful of teachers what their favorite things are from Paper Source that eases their load – we hope it sparks some ideas for all you teachers out there!

math teacher report card

Emoji Rubber Stamp Kit

emoji stamps

As a middle school teacher, it is important to keep your teaching relevant to their age group to keep them engaged. Technology, iPhones, and emojis are very popular with students and incorporating them in the classroom can actually do a great deal to invest students in daily activities (even if it’s as small as letting students choose an emoji stamp when they complete their work correctly.)

Apple Custom Stamp

custom apple stamp

Teachers are constantly communicating with parents and families, and while much of this is done over e-mail, there is something very special about a note home from a teacher. This stamp is a great way to be able to personalize notes home or stationary sent to parents and families.

writing teacher's report card

R2-D2 Kitchen Timer

R2-D2 Kitchen Timer

I have found that I really need a timer to keep the lesson running smoothly at a nice pace. My students love this R2-D2 Kitchen timer because Star Wars is back en vogue. I love it because it is extremely practical when I want students to be on task and know how much time they have left on an assignment.

Corkcicle Canteen

turquoise canteen

This little wonder keeps my coffee hot all morning which is necessary for me to keep up the energy in our classroom. Because it is so sleek and thin, I can easily carry it in my backpack as opposed to the huge, clunky thermos I used to use. Plus, when the coffee runs out, I use it as my water bottle.

Top Loading Stapler

top loading stapler

This easy-to-use stapler really packs a punch. When I am trying to staple a bunch of papers together to send home to the parents, I find this stapler to be the best to actually be able to connect all of the papers, so they don’t end up on the bottom of a student’s book bag or on the classroom floor. Added bonus: it looks and feels cooler than any other stapler.

visual art teacher's report card

Kate Spade Pouch

pencil pouch with glasses on them

As a traveling teacher, it is almost impossible for me to always have everything I need wherever I am, and it seems that more often than not, the thing I am missing most is usually a pencil or pen. Having a designated pouch for my personal pencils and pens would definitely help me make sure I always have one, and I’m guessing keeping them in a pouch would also help prevent them from walking away, as so many of my writing utensils tend to do!

Things to Do Tray

clear paper tray with gold faceplate

With almost 600 students who I see every week, I often end up with masses of papers and projects to grade. I have the bad habit of sticking them wherever I can find a space, which results in frustrating disarray. The things to do tray is the perfect size to hold many of the projects my students do, and it would tremendously help my organization to be able to keep all of them contained in one space.

kindergarten teacher's report card

Personalized Notepad Set

This is a must-have notepad set for any teacher. I use it daily for notes sent home to parents, students, and other teachers, and I never even need to sign my name because it’s personalized!

Weekly Wallies Calendar

sticky chalkboard decal calendar

This is perfect to hang inside or outside the classroom to remind parents and students of upcoming events each week.

Corkcicle Canteen

turquoise canteen

I have a long day with short, infrequent breaks, so having a good water bottle on hand is a must! The Corkcicle keeps my drinks cold (or hot!) through the entire day without leaving a mess on my desk.

On behalf of all of us at Paper Source, thank you to all of the teachers out there and the tireless effort you put into changing the world, one student at a time.