As Easter approaches, we here at Paper Source are getting excited to celebrate with family and friends. Whether it’s making one of our Easter kits, or finding the perfect little gift to welcome spring, we’re gearing up for a fun experience.

This year we’re thrilled to bring confetti eggs to everyone, and we’re excited to share a fun Easter tradition that might be new to some of you!

These eggs, referred to as cascarones, are festively-dyed and have been hollowed out and filled with colorful confetti. They’re extremely popular in Mexico and the Southwestern United States during Easter festivities (and various other events like Cinco de Mayo, Carnaval, etc.). So what do you do with them? … You smash them!

It might sound crazy, but breaking one over a loved one’s head is said to bring good luck. Showering a friend with confetti isn’t just fun…it’s a blessing of good fortune (and a display of affection). Some also combine it with the tradition of hiding eggs—for an extra special Easter egg hunt that ends with a confetti war!

Is this a popular tradition near you? Tell us how you celebrate with Easter eggs below!


5 Responses

  1. Rebecca says:

    Can I buy these now?

    • Meg Kowieski says:

      Hi Rebecca!
      At the moment, we don’t have any stock for the Cascarones – we’ll most likely have them again in the Spring!

  2. Mia F says:

    Are these coming back in stock soon?

  3. Jennifer says:

    I was also hoping to see them again this year. Hope they will be available again next spring. 🙂