I am expecting my first baby in seven short weeks. It is a truly amazing time. I have loved sharing (possibly over-sharing) details with my family, friends and coworkers. A few weeks ago, family and friends threw me a butterfly-themed baby shower in my hometown.

Because I’m a Paper Source employee and former invitation designer, my hostesses felt some stress when coming up with an invitation for the event but, after a bit of collaboration, we came up with the most darling idea using our die-cut butterfly cards. (Note: Layout was a little tricky, but we just kept testing on white printer paper until it was perfect. Then, we used removable double-stick tape to attach the butterflies to a full sheet and fed them one-by-one through the printer.) At the shower, there was a matching banner and little butterfly gift tags to tie the entire theme together.

baby shower invite

I was also introduced to a great new baby shower game – Midnight Advice. A tiny, newborn diaper was given to each guest.

They then used a permanent marker to share words of wisdom, love or humor. The diapers were collected and I read each out loud. A few of the best included…

“Make daddy change me.”
“The rule is, if the baby is crying, you can too.”
“Next time use protection.”

baby shower games

My favorite won a small prize…“If you are reading this, you have it on backwards. It’s okay, it will probably only last an hour or so.” And, I won a collection of caring words and funny advice to get me through the night – not to mention some much-needed diapers!

It was such a wonderful time to get together and share in the joy of all things tiny and pink!

PS colors: gravel & plum
Latest fave: 2012 Paper Source Kraft Grid


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  1. Dave says:


  2. Mel says:

    What software did you use to do your layout? Would you recommend Word or Photoshop?

  3. vanessa says:

    Hello i came across this idea and loved it. Not reading the blog i started the process by going out and buying color paper along with the size butterfly we wanted for the invites, we had thought about just cutting them and finding a place to imprint the lettering. We have had a very hard time finding a place. If you can please explain to me how this was done i would greatly appreciate it.