Is there a better holiday than Friendsgiving? Friends, food, and let’s face it, a drink or two make this unofficial holiday one that we most look forward to every year. In honor of this festive holiday, we partnered up with Pinch Provisions to bring you some Friendsgiving survival tips! We will also be having a special Friendsgiving Survival Kit giveaway via the Paper Source Instagram account where one winner will receive some Paper Source goodies and a Pinch Provisions Friendsgiving survival kit! Check out these tips from the company that is known for making celebrations and everyday life a little easier.

friendsgiving kit

Divide and Conquer

Potluck for the win! If there is ever a time to share the burden of entertaining, Friendsgiving is it. Not only will it lighten your load, but it will also free up your oven to cook your favorite dishes. If potluck isn’t an option, consider outsourcing a dish or two to the pros. Just be sure to place your orders well in advance so that you beat the rush – and set a calendar reminder to pick them up!

Leg Day

Don’t forget to thaw your turkey in advance! The amount of time you need will depend on the size of your turkey and your thawing method, (fridge vs. cold water). Check out Butterball’s handy thawing guide here. And if you think you really “fouled” up when it comes to the main dish, you can always call their Turkey Talk-Line® at 1-800-BUTTERBALL.

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Excuse Me, Bartender?

You need to enjoy your night too, so don’t try to be a bartender the entire evening. Choose a signature drink that you can make in advance, serve in a punch bowl or beverage dispenser, and garnish in a beautiful way (think apples, cranberries, or pomegranate seeds). With a signature drink on display, you need only stock the bar and let it run on autopilot all evening.

friendsgiving wishbone

Better When Basted

Friendsgiving is truly about the people around the table, so don’t forget to make a toast! Whether you prefer sentimental or snarky, it’s important to pause and recognize the people who the friend in Friendsgiving. If you’re on the shy side, the Friendsgiving Survival Kit contains some pithy roasts and toasts, along with 19 other emergency essentials.

pinch provisions kit

The Aftermath

Why is it that everything tastes better the next day? Make sure you have plenty of portable dishware, aluminum foil, and cling wrap so that you can send your guests off with care packages, (or wrap up to hide in your room until everyone leaves.) You can even make some DIY treat bags with adorable cello bags and twine to send everyone off with a treat.

treat packaging

We would love to see how you celebrate Friendsgiving this year. Be sure to check out the Paper Source Instagram this weekend to see what goodies we’re gifting! And as always, visit Pinch Provisions for an essential kit for every reason and season.


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  1. dana Lutz says:

    I desperately need help with an online order, i was surprised there is no extended customer service hours during the holiday. Anxiously awaiting help as soon as possible. thank you.

  2. Diana Lopes says:

    I love these tips! It’s definitely going to make the gathering much more fun and stress-free. Thanks!