A few weeks ago Cindy asked readers to talk about their wedding inspiration and the discussion showcased so many thoughtful themes. It also gave me pause: What the heck was my inspiration?

Liz and Joe

The Mister and I knew we wanted our guests to have fun, but we needed it to be a little more meaningful than the usual “Party at Joe and Liz’s.” We kicked around a dozen possibilities – my I-give-up-let’s-go-to-the-courthouse suggestion was nixed – and went with what made sense: a hometown Indiana celebration. (I know what you’re thinking, here come the corn, cows and country line dancing. Think again.)

Once we picked home as the destination, our personal commitment to supporting small businesses quickly fueled the planning process. A friend opened up his beach-inspired restaurant and bar (Yes, I got married in a bar) to us for our late September wedding. Rental needs were managed by a family-owned business. A local jeweler helped us with rings, a long-time friend and judge officiated the ceremony, and a family friend took on the task of creating floral designs out of found natural objects of the season.

Wedding table ideas

Our newly planted Chicago roots were not lost in the occasion either—Carol’s Cookies sat on our cake table instead of cake and, of course, Paper Source designs helped set the tone for the evening.

So how does this all come together?

Wedding centerpiecesTruth of the matter is we weren’t exactly sure. We unloaded boxes of hand-picked berries and blooms to the floral designer days before the ceremony. Late night cattail and beach grass capers took place all around our little lake town. A few wardrobe decisions happened late in the game. And the official menu came in the day before our ceremony. But, with a little help from our friends (and family), a lot of DIY, and loads of good attitude, everything came together beautifully.

Sure, the design enthusiast in me can name a handful of things I would have done differently. But, as I reminded myself numerous times along the way, “It’s only a day. We’ll have a lifetime of opportunities to celebrate.”

Perhaps some of you are losing track of your inspiration as you look at hundreds of incredible blogs and flip through the glossy pages of wedding magazines? Well, let this post remind you that it’s only a day, and even the most disconnected ideas can come together if you need them too.

Still nervous? Might I suggest a pre-ceremony cocktail hour to loosen up even the most discerning eye?

Eat. Drink. And just BE married.

— Liz
PS colors: night & curry
Latest fave: Cavallini Wrapping Paper


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  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the refreshing post. So true.