We were so excited when our Atlanta store manager, Carol, shared this wonderful wedding invitation with us. Her customer, Laurel, a Graphic Designer from that area, put this clever, colorful invitation suite together for her wedding in Vegas! Here’s her real wedding story:

Viva Las Vegas invitations

When Brayden (a Las Vegas native) asked me to marry him, a destination wedding in his hometown was our plan. I love all things related to paper, invitations, and stationery. So I knew I wanted something fun and exciting to invite our loved ones to our wedding! No one in my family (myself included) had ever been to Las Vegas, so I wanted an invitation that contained all the glitter and excitement that was in store.

Wanting to include poker chips, the Paper Source box mailer was the clear winner. Our poker chips, dice and playing cards were all chocolate candy… creating another layer of experience for the recipient. I was really inspired by the bright colors of the casinos. Each part of the invitation has its own vivid color – the box mailer is red, the invitation card is curry, the response card is spruce, and the return envelope is fuchsia! To tie them all together, I printed everything in black and red ink (my interpretation of a deck of cards!) and layered it all on top of shredded gold foil paper.

Wedding invitation box mailers

I was really pleased with the way everything turned out. And based on the reaction of our family and friends, they were too! Everything about our trip to Vegas made our ceremony “the wedding of my dreams I never knew I always wanted.” Our wedding invitations were definitely a big part of that! –Laurel

–Carol, Paper Source Atlanta Store
PS colors: gravel & curry
Latest fave: 4″ Round Label Sheets


11 Responses

  1. Kristen says:

    As a Vegas native, I HAD to comment…These are FAB! I love that you went for it!

  2. Carla says:

    agreed. these really ARE fab.

  3. Jenny says:

    I love it!
    I am getting married in Vegas too and I will love to do something similar. What was the postage? and What are the fonts used invitations?

  4. Laurel says:

    Hi Jenny, sorry for the delay 🙂

    Postage was close to $3.00 each (maybe because of the chocolate’s added weight).

    The headline font is AdamGorry from dafont.com (free!):

    The other fonts are all manipulations of Helvetica.

    Good luck,

  5. Chrissie says:

    Hi Laurel – I adore your invite layout and fonts! Can you tell me how you mailed these out? How did you secure the box closed? Did you put them in a bubble mailer? Did you wrap them in kraft shipping paper and put a label on the outside? I’m dying to know those details!!


  6. Kendell says:

    WOW these are awesome! I am loving it! Where can I find the boxes you sent them in??

  7. Paper Source says:

    Chrissie, see our other post about a wedding where these invitation boxes were used – Heather shares a few ideas of how to mail them.

    Kendell, Laurel used our handy box mailers for her invitations. They’re available in many PS colors.

  8. Linda says:

    Hi Laurel,

    Love it! I so want to use your idea for my wedding invitation but have no idea how to get started. Can you help me or give me suggestions?


  9. Amber says:

    Just curious – does your invite have the word “wedding” or “marriage” on it? Also is that a clover beside the address of the little church of the west?

    Btw I love your invitations they have inspired me to do something similar!

  10. lm says:

    Where did you find the confetti stuff in the boxes? i can’t find it to save my life…but i bought these same boxes for my wedding invites…also in vegas

  11. Bonnie Weinstein says:

    This is a fabulous invitation. Where did you get the chocolate dice and chips?