It’s a wonderful day when we get to put our products and skills to use at the corporate office, and a colleague’s upcoming nuptials certainly gave us reason to celebrate. The store operations team surprised bride-to-be Stephanie with a day centered around her favorite destination.

Our team created a Parisian-inspired bridal shower that would remind her of strolling through streets lined by iron lamps, inviting bistros and romantic florals. Knowing we were limited to conference room fixtures, we focused on Art Nouveau elements and pastels to elicit a nostalgic charm. A Silhouette-produced sign celebrated the couple and favored subway text of the city; a fresh assortment of paper flower bouquets, each designed by associates from our store locations, was the focal point of the room; and the shower spread included fresh fruits, delicious breads, and rich cheeses. The halls were flooded with the sounds of Edith Piaf and everyone took in the delight of spending a day in Paris.

Join us in congratulating Stephanie and Ryan, and check back for photographs from her big day and their romantic honeymoon in Paris (of course!).

Looking for more ideas? Check out Lauren’s French inspiration post and photographs.

— The Store Operations Team
PS colors: sage & bluebell
Latest fave: Paris Map Cavallini Wrapping Paper


3 Responses

  1. linda says:

    Stephanie you will make a lovely bride!

  2. Ren-Yi says:

    what a great bridal shower. congrats to the lucky couple on their upcoming event.

  3. Julie says:

    Where are those fabulous goodie bags from? I am searching for something similar for my wedding.