1. A Paper Source Cocktail with Guest Blogger Love Always, Audrey

    drinks with ice in confetti tumblers

    Alright guys, it’s basically summer. Even though it snowed on Monday in Chicago, it was 65 degrees on Sunday and I’m going to go with that. So since it was summer on Sunday, I thought it would be nice to kick off the season with some Rosé Sparklers! Read More

  2. DIY Stationery Center with Guest Blogger Rebecca G. from Not-So-SAHM

    black and white striped box full of stationery

    A stationery center for our kids is one of the projects that has sat atop my “DIY To Do” list for quite a while (the list is loooong). Now that the kids are both old enough to do much of their own writing (even though many of their spellings are quite creative), I thought it was about time to get it together. Teaching kids to create their own correspondence is a great way to help them develop academically, work on practical skills, and create a nice family tradition. Read More

  3. DIY Baby Announcements That Go Beyond Basic Baby Stats with Guest Blogger Bryn Huntpalmer from Modernize

    When my friend’s baby Maisy arrived, she wanted to create a more unique baby announcement since this was her second child. We decided to get crafty and involve her older son in the process.

    We started by having Hayden color some white paper with all different colored markers and then used his drawing with this flag hole punch to create a bunting flag banner for the top of the announcement and wrote “Baby” on it in pink.

    paper colored by a young child with markers Read More

  4. Limited Edition: Ultra Bright Springtime Crafts

    New and for a limited time this spring, we’re introducing 5 fresh colors that are the epitome of the warmer days ahead of us. Our Limited Edition Ultra Bright Springtime Pack of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock papers are perfect for injecting a pop of color into your springtime crafts. Need a few ideas on how to utilize these gorgeous papers? Below are 5 easy DIY’s to kickstart your craftiness!

    Peony Punch Out

    a paper flower made from cut out pink hearts Read More

  5. Spring Break Kids’ Travel Survival Kit Post with Guest Blogger Rebecca G. from Not-So-SAHM

    We’ve traveled quite a bit with our kids, from when they were just a few months old, and I frequently share our travels.

    It’s not surprising that one of the questions I get is how to keep their kids entertained en route to various places. Just to be clear, we still have our fair share of spectacular traveling mishaps (our 5-month old screaming the entire transatlantic flight home, the extra large smoothie spilled all over clothes right before boarding a plane, and the lost lovey who sadly did not share a Knuffle Bunny happy ending). I have learned a few things over the years though.

    Since Spring Break is on its way, we’re here to share how to pack a Survival Kit that will keep everyone happy. Read More

  6. Meet the Maker Series: Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

    We at Paper Source value our maker partnerships and want to share their stories.

    We proudly carry an array of Rifle Paper Co. products from notepads to a special recipe box with Anna Bond’s signature style of hand-painted illustrations, vibrant color palettes, and whimsical tones.

    In celebration of Mother’s Day we asked the founder of Rifle Paper Co., Anna Bond, to share her most memorable mom moments. 

    Read More

  7. How-To: DIY Oscar Viewing Party

    Roll out the red carpet, it’s Oscar season! Check out our tips on how to make your invitations, set the table, and create a glamorous photo booth for the perfect viewing party. We’ve put together a collection of party essentials that are both effortless and bold. All you have to worry about is filling out your ballot!


    Earn a standing ovation with these easy to make invites that capture the fun of the Oscars. Adjust your address and that’s a wrap!

    DIY Oscar Party Invitation
    Read More

  8. How-To: DIY Easter Egg Crafts

    Glitter Markers

    Easter eggs colored with glitter markers

    Make your mark this Easter — in glitter! Eggs never looked so good. Adorn yours with patterns, letters and sweet little notes to make somebunny feel truly egg-cellent. Read More

  9. Keeping February Fresh with Fitness with Guest Blogger Allegra G.

    With January behind us and the end of February closer than we might believe, the solid resolutions we made on January 1 may have started to wane slightly.

    This is often the case when we set lofty goals for an entire year.

    You might find that the gym seems farther away, and those excuses for why you just can’t exercise today are starting to carry more weight.

    Resolutions and big picture goals are a great starting point, but they put a lot of pressure on you. Once you set a resolution, you have to keep it up for 365 days, and any small misstep can feel like a failure.

    Huge fitness resolutions may be too overwhelming, so a few weeks in you might find yourself on the couch rather than a treadmill. But there is hope!

    There are some simple, and fun ways to achieve your goals and have you feeling healthier than ever before.
    Read More

  10. How-To: Gallery Wall Series: Using the Silhouette CAMEO Machine

    Reasons why we love the Silhouette Cameo:

    The Silhouette Cameo is a digital cutting tool. Think of it as a printer that uses a blade instead of ink. This crafting power tool opens up a world of artful opportunities!

    die cut silhouettes of a dog, an ampersand, and a woman

    • Use your favorite designs and fonts – You can cut any font on your computer or use your own personal artwork. Plus, you can also download pre-made designs from the Silhouette online store for around $0.99 each.
    • It works on a variety of materials including paper, vinyl and cloth.
    • There are endless crafts you can create: cards, invitations, dimensional paper projects, décor, boxes and more!

    Read More