Long, picnic-filled days in sundresses and flip flops are finally here to stay. That’s right: summer has officially arrived. Capture the essence of the season with a DIY card making project.

Print out a butterfly template to use your favorite fine paper, or use our handmade butterflies to customize your cheerful cards.



Things You’ll Need:




How-to Make a Butterfly Card:

1. Choose your favorite card and butterfly combination.



2. Using the taper runner, apply a strip of tape to the center of the butterfly and adhere it to the center of the card.




3. Write a message on the front or back of the card using the Uniball pen.




4. To embellish your envelope, trace the envelope liner template onto a piece of fine paper.




5. Cut along the line, then turn the paper over and use the tape runner to apply tape along the entire outer edge.



6. Insert the liner into an envelope, and press down to secure in place.




7. Place the card inside the envelope and cut a small strip of washi tape to seal the envelope with a pop of color.



Click here to see the full video!


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  1. Laura richards says:

    I am looking for a book of realistic punch out butterflies I bought one about four years ago and lost in a move. Please let me know if you can help. Laurarichards47@gmail.com