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Our beautiful selection of fancy, decorative paper is perfect for both crafting and gift wrapping. This special collection of fine paper is handmade in Japan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, and other countries. These handmade papers have a unique look and feel, showcasing designs from florals to marble to stripes and dots. Our fine papers, many of which are made with renewable plant fibers, are perfect for DIY bookbinding, origami, collage art, envelope lining for wedding invitations, gift wrapping, and greeting card making projects. Our handcrafted paper collection even features some papers that are strong and durable enough for lamp-making. The decorative paper’s vivid colors and unique patters are beautiful in itself, and these artisan papers are like a work of art. The thought and care put into these handmade papers are sure to be reflected in any projects completed using them. Anyone receiving a gift wrapped in these fine papers should feel very special at the sight of such stunning handmade wrapping paper.

How is handmade paper made?

Handmade paper is made from various plant fibers such as the renewable Lokta plant, cotton, flax, or hemp. The fibers are manually broken down into pulp, which is then molded and pressed into paper sheets using special tools.

What is fine paper used for?

Fine paper has a wide range of uses including arts and crafts, invitations, and handmade cards, writing stationary, bookbinding, origami, scrapbooking, and much more.