Frequently Asked Questions

About Paper Source

Do you have store locations?

Yes. Paper Source stores are located across the country. Each one is part paper store, part unique gift shop, and all creative inspiration. Find a Paper Source location near you!

Can I receive updates about Paper Source?

Yes. Subscribe to our email newsletter in the footer below to receive information on new products, promotions, in store events and more.

What is the Barnes & Noble Paper Source Membership?

As a Member, you collect stamps with every $10 spent on eligible items, earn $5 rewards for every 10 stamps collected and receive special offers throughout the year. Premium Members receive 10% off all qualifying purchases in Paper Source stores, as well as in Barnes & Noble stores and

For more information, click here.

Have questions about our product terminology?

Check out our Paper Source lingo, which has information on many of our products, techniques, and commonly used Paper Source terms.

Order Information

Oops! I forgot one thing on my order—can I add onto it?

Once our system receives your order it is immediately transferred to our warehouse shipping team, at which point we are unable to make any changes to the order. However, if we are notified of a requested change early enough and are able to catch your order, we may be able to cancel the order so that you can place a new order with your desired changes. Our shipping team processes orders as quickly as possible, so please be sure to contact our customer service team immediately if you need to change or cancel an order.

How long does it take to process my order?

While we strive to process all orders as quickly as possible, please be aware that our standard turn around time for non-custom, non-personalized orders is three business days, plus shipping time. All orders processed after 12 p.m. central standard time will be processed the next business day. Custom printing and embosser orders follow their own production time schedule as described on the custom printing terms and conditions page or embosser plate product pages.

I ordered the wrong item and I would like to return it. May I?

To return items that are unopened and in saleable condition, repackage the items you are returning and include your packing slip with the items you are returning circled. Use your own trackable and insured shipping method* and mail to:

Paper Source
7801 Industrial Drive
Forest Park, IL 60130
Attn: Web Returns

*Paper Source is not responsible for customer returns that are not received.

If you are near a Paper Source store, you can also return most items in store. Read more here about our return policy.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or 1-888-PAPER-11 (1-888-727-3711).

Will I receive an order confirmation via email?

Yes. If you provide your email address when placing an order, we will send you an email message confirming your order within a few hours.

Shipping Information

What shipping method do you use?

We ship using FedEx and, depending on the weight and destination of the package, FedEx may partner with the United States Postal Service for final delivery. Please keep this in mind when providing your shipping address. Also, all custom printing and embosser orders will require a signature upon delivery, so please use a shipping address where someone will be present upon delivery during the day (e.g. a work address).

How are your fine papers shipped?

Upon check out you will have the option to add a flat cardboard shipping folder if you have purchased fine paper. This is a good idea to ensure your fine papers are well protected during transit. If you do not order a shipping folder, your papers will be gently rolled and included in your package.

Can I ship a gift to someone?

Yes. You may choose to have the items you purchase delivered to another residence. No prices are printed on the shipping statement. You may also include a message to the recipient under Gift Options on the shopping bag page.

Payment Information

Can I use a debit card?

Yes. We accept debit cards as form of payment. Please note that although we authorize credit cards and debit cards at point of sale, we do not charge your card until your order has shipped. This can be mistaken for a double billing. Each financial institution is different; please refer to the issuing bank of your card for their specific authorization processes.

How does sales tax work?

Sales tax is charged on items shipped to states where Paper Source has a retail store. Check our store locations page for the latest information on current locations. Sales tax is charged on merchandise, and may also be charged on shipping and handling depending upon state laws. Sales tax is not charged for gift cards and workshops.

Gift Card Balance

How do I check the balance of my gift card?

You may check your gift card balance by clicking here.

You may also contact our Customer Service Team at 1-888-PAPER-11 (1-888-727-3711).

Solid Paper & Envelopes

Are all the papers the same weight?

No. We carry a variety of paper weights. Text weight and cover weight are two of the most common paper types you'll find in our solid paper and envelope collection. Details: All solid color papers are 80 lb. cover and 80 lb. text. Luxe papers are 78 lb. cover and 60 lb. cover. Luxe fino papers are 77 lb. cover and 60 lb. cover. Stardream papers are 105 lb. cover and 81 lb. text.

Which paper weight is heavier—cover or text?

Text weight paper is thinner and great for using in an inkjet printer for newsletters and letterhead. Cover weight paper is thicker, making it ideal for card making, scrapbooking and craft projects. Some printers can also accommodate cover weight paper.

Which way does the grain run on your bulk paper?

The only paper that has a consistent grain is our half parent sheet that measure 26" x 20". The grain on the half parent sheet paper always runs parallel to the 20" side. 8.5" x11" paper and note cards the grain will run both ways within one pack.

You have so many white papers—how are they different?

Here are our white papers in order from the lightest/brightest white to the creamiest white (deepest color):

  • Pure White: the brightest white paper we carry
  • Eco-White: a standard white paper with 100% recycled content and 30% post-consumer waste
  • Superfine White: a very light cream paper
  • Superfine Soft White: a creamy paper, also referred to as ivory paper

You have so many card sizes—how do they work together?

Our Note Cards & Shape Cards section is organized by card size category (e.g. 4bar, A2). All cards displayed within a card size category work together.

Can I print on your papers?

Yes. Many of our note cards and solid papers can go through a printer. In general, text weight paper is the easiest to on print at home, available in our 8.5" x 11" text weight paper. Cover weight paper (8.5" x 11" cover weight paper and most note cards) work with many, but not all printers. It will depend on your printer make, model, usage and other factors. We recommend test printing small quantities before attempting print the final version to help you achieve the best results.

Please note that because of the finish on their surface we do not recommend printing on Shimmer and Stardream papers.

Are your papers eco-friendly?

Our entire line of solid cards, envelopes and paper is produced without elemental chlorine (PCF), by mills that practice responsible, sustainable forestry as certified by objective 3rd parties. We have nearly completed the transition to make our entire line of exclusive solid colors with recycled content containing at least 30% PCW (post-consumer waste). We also donate, reuse, and recycle all of our scrap paper.

Are your products recycled?

Much of our Paper Source product is created using renewable energy sources, such as hydro power or wind power. Our Eco-White recycled paper made of 100% recycled content with 30% PCW is the base for our PS printed note sets, wrapping paper and gift bags. Our printers operate with reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emission and recycle their ink waste. Many of our note sets and fine paper are handmade from renewable content, usually cotton or bark fiber. We are always looking for ways to enhance the eco-friendliness of our products and processes giving you beautiful, high quality green choices.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing large quantities of paper?

Yes. With our Bulk Discount Program, you can receive discounted pricing at certain quantities for regular price, solid color Paper Source items in the specific product categories.

Is your color palette just for solid paper and envelopes?

No. Our Paper Source color palette extends into many of our products — favor boxes, wrapping paper, satin ribbon, office and organization products — even some of our fine papers are colorized to match our PS color palette. This makes it easy to coordinate gift wrapping, wedding invitation suites, and so much more!

When designing, remember that darker colors may rub off on lighter colors. Consider using a layer (such as tissue) between the different colors.

How to Use the Customization Tool

Getting Started

Many items offered on can be customized and personalized to your own liking! Simply click the Personalize button that appears on the product page of any item that can be customized to navigate to the Editor.

If this is your first time customizing on our website, we encourage you to start by reading the tips - These should pop up automatically, but if not, you can read them by clicking the lightbulb "Help" Icon at the top of the editor.

All of our customizable items include:

  • Undo and Redo buttons
  • Text edits - color, font, size, and spacing
  • Save to your account

Understanding the Menu

Side Menu

Text - Add new text boxes, edit font style and size, and alter the text color

Styles - If there are alternate colorways, you can see and choose those here. This includes alternate colors for foil stamped designs.

Photo - If there is a photo spot on your chosen design, this menu is where you will upload photos. You can also add a new photo spot from this menu.

Top Menu

Save – Login to your PS account and save your project using this button if you want to finish your order later

Help – Basic tips for the editor and customizing

Preview – See a zoomed-out view of your edits, as well as

Next or Add to cart – Next will appear if your item has additional add-on items like envelopes and addressing, otherwise it will just allow you to add to cart.

Edit Your Text

Our editor allows full customization of your text from color and size to font and spacing.

  • Adjust your text box by clicking on which line you want to edit, then hitting “Transform” on the text box pop-up. You can adjust the width, rotate, move anywhere on the card, or delete from here. Hitting the “Text” button will pull out the side menu where you can edit the text format.
  • Hover over text color boxes to see the color name. You can use this to match your envelopes and liners, or any other Paper Source paper product offered!

Envelopes & Liners

These are offered on custom cards that typically are preferred for sending in the mail or have a more formal presentation. Choose from a variety of envelope colors, all made with 30% post-consumer waste in colors that match all Paper Source made paper products.

  • Toggle the slider button to Show All colors and designs available.
  • Liners come assembled to the envelopes so all you have to do is prep and send.


  • Return Addressing is offered on all items with envelopes available. Save time and have your address pre-printed directly on to your envelopes in the font and size you want.
  • Recipient Addressing is offered on items with envelopes available that can be used for large, at-once mail-outs, such as wedding invitations and holiday cards.
    • You must be logged in to your Paper Source account to upload your address list. By logging in first, we can safely store all your addresses for any future needs, like holiday cards or birthday party invitations. We have an easy-to-use template ready for you, all you have to do is fill it in and upload.

Photo Uploader

When first entering the Editor, the photo spot should automatically be highlighted, and the Photo side menu should pop out. In the menu, you will upload photos and manage them, as well as add more photo spots if needed.

  • Uploading
    • Click on the folder titled “My Device” that shows a picture of a computer, tablet, and phone.
    • Click on the top button titled “Upload Photos...” and select what you want.
    • Your photo should automatically upload into the photo box that was highlighted.
      • If it does not, click “Back” in the upper left corner above the upload button. This will take you back to the first folder, and you will now see a new one titled “Project Uploads” where you can find your photos. You can also drag and drop your photo directly in.
  • You can also add an empty photo box and place it wherever you like on your design.
    • We recommend getting creative here! Ordering for your wedding? Try using the photo spot to add your QR code for your website. Want to add an icon or motif? Match the background color and upload it.

Edit from Cart

Your design is complete and in the cart when you notice a typo – oh no! Worry not, we planned for this. Whether it’s a small typo, you changed your mind on wanting envelopes, or you want to add a liner, you can edit that without starting over.

  • Go to your cart and find your design to edit. In between the price and the delete button, you can click on the pencil icon which will take you back into the Editor.
    • Note: It will start you back at the beginning of the customization process, but if you have no updates you can click through until you get to the section you need to update.

Best Practices

Below are general guidelines for ensuring your custom design comes out the way you intended

  • Log in to your site account before starting personalization.
  • Save often!
  • Use the Preview to get an idea of how your final item will look.
  • Trouble getting to a text box? Try moving the one covering it out of the way first. We understand this can be frustrating, but due to the script nature of certain fonts, it is unavoidable. Our tool has grids that pop up and help you perfect your spacing for ease.