Fine Paper Bowls

Paper Mache Bowls



    1. Use circle punches to punch 20-30 circles of a decorative paper.
    2. Blow up balloons, but keep slightly under-inflated so they are soft.
    3. On a piece of scrap paper, brush both sides of the punched circles with Methyl Cellulose.
    4. Layer and overlap the circles on the balloon, beginning in the center of the balloon and working outward until just about half way over the sides of the balloon.
    5. Once the circles are applied to the balloon, add one additional coat of Methyl Cellulose on top of the layers to seal the entire bowl.
    6. Place balloon in a cup, bowl or container to keep it standing up, and allow to dry 24 hours.
    7. Once the bowl is dry, flip the balloon over and grab it by the knot. Pierce a tiny hole with a pin and allow the balloon to leak the air slowly rather than popping the balloon.
    8. Gently pull the balloon away from the sides of the bowl edges. Remove any extra dried Methyl Cellulose film along the edges with your fingers.


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  1. Carolyn Bussey says:

    unable to find your methyl cellulose as featured in videos. ?? Do you not provide any longer?