We have compiled a list of our favorite kids’ crafts perfect for days spent indoors. Keep their minds active while inspiring them to be creative. A fun craft is a great way to spend time while doing something productive that they will enjoy. Crafts are meant for children age 6 and up. Read more down below!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Characters

What You’ll Need

Create these buddies using materials you find in your house. Cover the toilet paper roll in colored paper or paint. Draw on a cute face and decorate the critter with a tail or little arms and feet. Cut out wings for a butterfly and glue them to the sides of the roll. Make critters like in the picture above or abstract butties from your child’s imagination. They are sure to be the best companion for says spend inside.


2. Dino-Rama

What You’ll Need

Let your kids use their imagination to create their own dinosaur and a place where he or she can live.


3. Plantable Paper Flowers

What You’ll Need

These adorable, handmade paper flowers and globes are embedded with the seeds of wildflower annuals and perennials. Made from natural, biodegradable fibers that will recycle into the soil as the seeds burst into flowers! To plant: soak in water overnight. Plant under a thin layer of loose, well-drained soil indoors in a pot. Keep warm and moist until the seeds germinate (approximately 2 weeks). Check them out in action on our Instagram.


4. Make Your Own Sticker

Your kids will love being able to make their own personalized stickers. Watch the video here. They can draw different animals or abstract shapes and stick them to parent-approved surfaces.


5. Mood Board

What You’ll Need

Every child is unique so let them create a mood board that speaks to their individuality. Decorate a piece of cardboard with different papers. Cut out the shape of their favorite animal and glue it to the board. Decorate with stickers, glitter, and ribbon. Let them write words that inspire them. Add photos of the family or pictures of them with their friends. They can even make add pictures they cut out of old magazines.


6. Create an Adventure Folio

Check out this blog post to see how to create a folio documenting all your kids’ crazy adventures. Use envelopes to create a folder to collect special keepsakes and make a journal to write down memories.


7. How to Make Party Fans

Follow the easy steps on our website to make fun party fans. They are perfect for decorating your room, a fun indoor party. Mix and match colors to create a rainbow or make with wrapping or fine paper for extra elegance.


8. Framed Masterpiece

What You’ll Need

Pick a theme or create a favorite animal or place as the subject. Draw the animal, like a butterfly on one color of paper. Cut out the butterfly and glue it to the backing paper. Using a different color paper create clouds or a flower. Let kids use their imagination to make their masterpiece as elaborate as they like. Mount their work to a decorative piece of paper to display.

9. Positivity Pennant

What You’ll Need

Cut out the shape you want your pennant to be and wrap the top of the banner around the straw. Trim the straw to the length of the pennant. Tape the paper to itself so that the straw can still move. Decorate the pennant with a message of positivity and let the kids draw whatever they want. Add embellishment like fringe and paper tassels or glitter and stickers.  Thread the twine through the straw and tie a knot. Adjust the twine so that the knot is hidden within the straw. Hang the pennant somewhere where the kids can see it every day.


10. Origami

What You’ll Need

Download these guides with helpful pictures that will walk you through 10 cool origami crafts. Create critters like swans and faxes as well as hearts and flowers.  Add some decoration with markers for extra flair.


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