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Sticker Books and Sticker Sheets

Shop Paper Source's collection of exclusive designs to find sticker packs that are perfect for kids and adults. Our sticker collection has a wide variety of sticker book and sticker sheet options for all types of crafts. Seasonally themed stickers and holiday stickers are the perfect decoration for card making, scrapbooking and crafting. We have the best selection of books and sheets of stickers with themes like cats, dogs, flowers, love, and more! Our cute collection of stickers is a perfect way to embellish your smart phones, laptops, water bottles, luggage, storage bins and more! But really, put these stickers on anything for a fun personal touch!

Stationery Stickers

Stickers are a "fun"ctional way to decorate anything and everything from planners to notebooks and notepads to stationery sets and more! Decorate your journal, calendar or planner with unique stickers that will make it your own. Use stickers to embellish the dividers in your school notebooks or create colorful page borders in your favorite journal. Make your to-do-list shine with designs that reflect your personality. From sealing envelopes to adding decorative accents to handwritten letters, stationery stickers are useful in so many ways. Check out our personalized collection for even more ways of making your stationery unique.

FAQ about Sticker Packs

Where can I buy stickers?

Paper Source has the best selection of sticker packs to suit your needs. Use our exclusive designs to decorate your planners, cards, and crafts. Our sticker packs are perfect for gifting or keep them all for yourself!

What types of sticker packs can I find at Paper Source?

We carry a large variety of sticker packs from cute to elegant. For animal lovers, explore our selection of cat stickers, dog stickers, bunny stickers and more! Nature lovers will adore our selection of butterfly stickers, bug stickers, plant stickers and flower stickers! For those with big imaginations, check out our monster stickers and robot stickers. We also have an amazing selection of sticker books for all seasons and holidays!

Where should I put stickers?

Stickers are a fun, decorative embellishment and can be used anywhere! Stickers are the perfect decoration for card making, scrapbooking, and crafting. You can also use them to adorn your journal or planner. Add an extra personal touch to your belongings by adding stickers to your laptop, smart phone, water bottles, luggage, storage bins and more!

Why use stickers in a planner?

Planner stickers are a great addition to make getting things done more fun! You can use them to give a pop to your to-do list or calendar. They are a great tool to call attention to your daily, weekly, and monthly priorities and to flag important due dates and deadlines. You can also use them to color code your tasks for an extra layer of organization or add structure to any open layout in your planner. They can be used to hide mistakes and changed plans or simply add creativity to your day and help you de-stress.