One of the best parts of the holiday is the countdown and all the ways we celebrate its arrival. How do you plan to spend your “Nights Before…”? We’ve got 5 takes on how to make it cozy and joyful.

Start by getting your seasonal celebrating essentials together. For us, that means taking out the Holiday Party Plates and lighting a candle. From there, we add the perfect ingredients for each theme.

Game Night

Get all your festive fun essentials together! Gather your games, puzzles, and silly sunglasses to make the moods merry and spirits bright.

  1. Your favorite game
  2. Prizes for the winners
  3. Goofy holiday glasses

Cookie Night

Stack your tasty cookbooks and set aside your best baking supplies for the sweetest night this holiday season.

  1. Our favorite cookie recipe book
  2. The perfect cookie packaging
  3. A Festive Tea Towel

Dinner Party Night

All that glitters is geld as we celebrate the light and love we share this season. Get your party poppin and let your traditions shine.

  1. Mini Menorah & Candles Set 
  2. Party Favors
  3. Place cards

Movie Night

Make the most of your movie night by getting wrapped up in the holiday spirit. Bring your bingo sheet, presents, and snacking essentials for optimal entertainment.

  1. Candy to snack on 
  2. Holiday movie bingo
  3. Enter our holiday movie sweepstakes!


Craft Night

Craft a new tradition with our Holiday craft kits that warm your heart during these cold winter days.

  1. Pick your favorite craft kit
  2. Make some deluxe hot cocoa
  3. Add stickers!