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DIY Crafts for Kids and Adults

Shop our collection of paper crafts and craft kits to find the perfect activities for every day and special occasions at Paper Source.

At Paper Source, our easy paper crafts are a fun and creative way for kids and adults to make unique and festive decorations for holidays and throughout the year. Paper Source craft kits come with the paper, materials, and simple instructions to make each wonderful design. Along with ready-to-use décor, a paper craft is the perfect way to decorate for a special occasion, add holiday cheer to your home or spend an afternoon doing something creative with your friends or family.

FAQ about DIY Paper Crafts & Craft Kits

What does DIY stand for?

DIY stands for "do-it-yourself." DIY is a popular term to describe activities such as crafting, decorating, and home repairs that you do or make yourself instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

Where can I find DIY crafts for kids and adults?

Paper Source is your one-stop destination to shop for DIY crafts for kids and adults! Get ideas for easy crafts by browsing our selection of paper crafts and craft kits. We have the best selection of DIY crafts to help you decorate for your special occasion, upcoming holiday or to pass the time doing a creative activity with friends and family!

What kinds of DIY crafts and craft kits can I find at Paper Source?

Paper Source has a large selection of easy paper crafts and craft kits for kids and adults with every interest. Mobile Craft Kits, wreath kits, window cling art and paper flower kits are perfect for gifting or decorating your home. Animal lovers will adore our craft kits featuring cats, dogs, butterflies and more! For those who love to work with their hands, explore our craft kits for best friend bracelets, personalized jewelry boxes, tie dye kits, tiny ceramics, and sewing kits. Our seasonal craft kits include DIY crafts for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more!

Ideas for places and ways to use our paper crafts and craft kits:

  • Baby shower décor
  • Bridal shower décor
  • Tablescapes
  • Gift toppers
  • DIY Cards
  • Frame for home décor
  • Classroom parties
  • Holiday parties