We are excited to launch the Darcy Miller x Minions party collection available exclusively at Paper Source! This collaboration is unlike anything you will find anywhere else because it is Darcy’s unique illustrations that bring the cheerful giggles and wiggles of the minions to life. 

Learn more about Darcy Miller, her celebration tips, and get an inside look at why this playful party collection will inspire your next event in our interview below.

How did you balance your own personal style with the unique look of the Minions?

I already loved the Minions–they’re fun and celebratory, and each one has its own personal style! They bring the humor and good times! I just added some playful “winks” to bring their fun-loving sides to life even more. I accessorized them with my groovy rainbow guitar, a disco ball, playful flowers, peace signs, and more–along with lots of other details in my signature hand-drawn style.

You’ve done numerous collaborations, what encouraged you to work on this one?

I’ve been a huge Paper Source fan for years (just take a look at my craft closet!), and love the Minions (who doesn’t?) When I was approached to create this collection that combined both things, it was a no-brainer. This collaboration was perfect, because of course I love the Minions–they’re fun and iconic–and Paper Source is always one of my favorite sources because they have such a great range of curated product. This collaboration also taps into what I love about any celebration (besides whatever or whoever is being celebrated): the little details. I’m excited to be able to walk into stores or go online and see my products available for people to do things for themselves and bring their creativity to life, and to ultimately make fun memories. 

How does the Darcy Miller x Minions collection reflect your motto of “Celebrate Everything?”

I believe in celebrating every moment, big or small (check out my book Celebrate Everything!, for more on that). My motto is to “DIT,” that’s “do it together!” I love that we have a kit because those projects allow friends and family to create something together, and then use it to celebrate.. You can use our new Minions products in so many different ways: Make a summer picnic extra special with our gift bags, use the stickers to liven up a lunch bag or your back-to-school notebook, add some fun straws to your summer drinks, or throw up a “Celebrate” banner and put on a party hat. The garland in the kit can decorate your room, or you can use it to make a greeting card–the possibilities are endless! Everything was designed to provide for and inspire people to create memories.

What are you most excited about for the release of the collaboration?

I’m most excited to see how everyone takes these products and personalizes them to make their own Minions parties! I hope everyone shares them on Instagram, and tags us at @DarcyMiller so I can see them! The thing that brings me the greatest joy in what I do is seeing others bring joy to one another. 

What do you want people to take away when seeing your work?

I hope to inspire people to have their own celebrations and to make every day special. Celebrations can be big, like a 50th-anniversary party or a big birthday, but they can also be as simple as making the breakfast table festive on the first day of school. My goal is always to inspire people to find their own ways to make others feel good, and find the little ways to bring joy and help make every day a celebration.

What are your top three pieces of advice for hosting a celebration?

  1. Personalize it! I always like to make a celebration extra special by thinking about who it’s for and who will be attending. Then I customize the party based on who they are, what they’re interested in, etc. It is all in the details. If it’s a birthday party for a Minions fan, serve banana pudding or banana cake! Those little details make all the difference. I think parties are less about the celebration and more about celebrating the people you love.
  2. Have fun! Make people feel included and comfortable, relax, and enjoy yourself. After all the planning is done, just be in the moment, connect with the people around you, and have a good time. A happy host makes for happy guests!
  3. Document It! Take pictures, capture the memories and save the day through scrapboxing and memory keeping. It can be as simple as saving the candle from your child’s first birthday, to making a full scrapbook from the day.


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