Luxe Blush

You are affectionate and nurturing, making your loved ones feel calm and well cared for. You believe in unconditional love and are fiercely loyal.

Luxe Cream

You have an understated elegance allowing you to effortlessly adapt to new surroundings.​


Highly imaginative, your positive energy is magnetic. You have a great sense of humor, fueled by your bright mind and spontaneous nature.​​


You are kind and compassionate, making you a great partner and friend. You have strong morals and strive to create a well-balanced life.​


You are keenly observant and quick to offer a solution to any problem. You are pragmatic but also romantic, making you someone others admire.​


You are not hindered by what has come before, and approach every situation with optimism and hope. People admire your creativity and perspective.​

Luxe Grey

You are calm and graceful, and seek to live a harmonious, balanced life. Your loyalty makes you an excellent friend.​


Friends flock to you for advice and support. You are sweet and kind, but also know how to say what needs to be said.​


Naturally methodical and organized, you can find a solution to any problem. Your optimism and positive outlook help you see the good in everyone.


You enjoy life and never take good health for granted. You exude confidence and have the potential to be very financially successful.​


Inherently kind and empathetic, you are a soothing presence in others’ lives. Your calm demeanor can belie the deep creativity within you.​


You are a deeply creative soul, full of life and energy. You seek out new experiences and easily connect with others.


You have a strong love of beauty and are skilled at making everything around you look and feel more lovely. People find your easy-going nature charming and soothing.

Paper Bag

Driven by your conscience, you are a level-headed decision maker - guiding you well in work and in love.​


Your appreciation of life grounds you and keeps you balanced. With warm and calming energy, you walk through life gracefully.


A great champion of the helpless and defender of the underdog, you have an amazing ability to get things done and to fix anything that is broken.​


Compassionate and empathetic, people love to be around you. Your deep understanding of others makes you a wise soul and source of inspiration.

Antique Gold

Your spirit radiates and people are drawn to your warm, compassionate nature. You are courageous in your choices and always strive for the best.


Courageous and passionate, you have a playful side that balances you. You are confident and unafraid of change.​


You are grounded and have an intense curiosity and love for life. Your focus and energy draw others to you.​


Content and balanced, people find you calming to be around. You are happiest when helping others and often find yourself playing the role of peacemaker.


You believe deeply in justice and fairness, and are generous in sharing your sage wisdom with others.​


Trustworthy and patient, you are an excellent friend. You also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge that drives you to keep learning.


You are full of wonder and creativity. People love how you uplift their spirits and inspire them to become their best selves.​


You are sophisticated and clever, with a healthy curiosity that fuels your love of life. You sparkle at parties, but can also be practical in how you set and achieve goals.​


Your commitment, passion, and inner strength attract others to you. You are a wonderful partner and friend, and a protector of those you love.​


You know who you are and what you want. You are the life of the party, especially when you are the host. Your friends appreciate your unwavering generosity.​


Your sense of self is your constant north star. You live life with a steadfast nature and confidence that can guide you through any situation.​


You are a visionary and do not let the expectations of others confine you. Bold and passionate, you let your true personality shine.


You are traditional and reserved on the surface, but you hold within you great mysteries. Only those closest to you are lucky enough to see the true nature of your heart.


You are strong and confident and can be an inspiration for others to find their true calling. People are attracted to you for your sophistication and worldliness.


Hard working and dependable, you are beloved by those around you. You set a high example, living your life with dignity and confidence.