The Human Being Journal

8.5" H × 1" W × 6.5" L
304 Pages

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The Human Being Journal by Mahara Mindfulness, is the go-to, non-dated, monthly journal for those looking to level up, manage stress and maximize their potential. With guided questions and resources rooted in the fundamental pillars of a happy life—including health, spirit, career, and relationships—the journal bridges the gap between our human selves and the deeper sense of being so many of us are craving in this modern world. The journal was inspired by the founders’ life experiences and the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle. It invites you to explore ten key elements that capture the full human being experience. The human side speaks to what we do in our life—our outer selves and earthly identifiers of success such as our careers, health, relationships, community, travel and finances. The being side refers to the true essence of who we are—timeless and formless. This includes our spirit, mind, creativity, passion and how we give back to the world. It is only when we bridge both worlds that we can unleash our full potential.
  • Created by Mahara Mindfulness
  • A percentage of every journal sold goes to supporting global mental health organizations.
  • 12 Month non-dated guided journal
  • Linen fabric hardcover, gold embossing
  • Ribbon marker
  • Cream colored high quality paper
  • Includes notes pages (lined and bulleted)