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We know how important your wedding day was to you, and we want to help you share your marital bliss with the world! Wedding announcements from Paper Source are the perfect way to announce your big day to family and friends. Whether you had a small marriage ceremony, eloped in an exotic destination, or just want to share your marriage announcement as a keepsake, sending out a wedding announcement to loved ones that could not attend is the way to go! Receiving your announcement in the mail will show recipients that although they could not attend your marriage ceremony, they are still an important part of your life. Our beautiful wedding announcement cards are customizable and give you the option to feature your wedding photo. Share your happy news in style with an informal “Just Married” announcement or a more formal marriage announcement. Paper Source wedding announcements come in unique and exclusive designs that include playful fonts and gold foil borders that fit all styles. Upon receiving your wedding announcement, some loved ones may send their own cards and gifts to congratulate the married couple. Prepare yourself to express gratitude for their kind gestures with our wedding thank you card collection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Announcement Cards

How do you announce a new marriage?

Wedding announcement cards are a great way to announce a new marriage. Before the event, weddings can be announced in a local newspaper, but, after the marriage, a wedding announcement card sent in the mail is a great way to share your happy news to those who were not in attendance at your wedding.

Are wedding announcements still a thing?

Wedding announcements are surely not just a thing of the past. A traditional wedding announcement is shared in a local newspaper, however sending out wedding announcement cards to friends and family is a popular option for sharing the news of your recent marriage.

Who should receive a wedding announcement?

Wedding announcements are a great way to share that you just got married with the people near and dear to your heart. Whether your family could not attend your wedding celebration, you had a small, private marriage ceremony, or you just couldn’t wait to take the plunge and eloped on vacation, your loved ones that could not attend should receive a wedding announcement.

What should wedding announcements say?

A typical wedding announcement should include the married couple's names, the date of the big day, and the location of the wedding. Many wedding announcements often feature a photo from the wedding ceremony.

Can I send a wedding announcement without inviting?

Yes. Wedding announcement cards can be sent to announce the marriage to those who were not invited to the wedding. Announcement cards should be sent out after the wedding has taken place to avoid any confusion with a formal wedding invitation.

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