January 23rd is National Handwriting Day! Get your pens and pencils ready- it’s time to go back to the age-old practice of writing things down instead of just typing them into our phones and computers. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you read a personal hand-written note. Here is how we are celebrating.

How to Celebrate National Handwriting Day

1. Make your own stationery.

2. Write a letter to a friend.

3. Try journaling. Get creative with a memory journal or get organized by bullet journaling.

4. Teach yourself new, fun ways to write at home with books and kits.

5. Remember where Meghan Markle got her start.

6. Enhance your handwriting with glitter.

7. Take a handwriting workshop.

8. Empower yourself with DIY motivation.

9. Create unique home decor like a wreath or pennant.

10. Add decorative touches to your envelopes.

Ready, Set, Write…

Pick up all the materials you will need for a day of fantastic writing, like a journal, some stationery, and nice pens. We invite you into our stores each Thursday for our workshops which focus on handwriting skills. For more handwriting inspiration explore our Pinterest page.

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