Whenever I read crafting blogs, the first thing I think after seeing a project is, “Wow, that’s adorable!” Then I usually follow with, “Now how can I do that?” Often I am too intimidated to give it a try, opting to simply admire the crafter’s talent without attempting to re-create it myself.

I’ve come to realize that blogs are just suggestions. They have an inadvertent tendency to deceive, making the process look simple and rarely showing the potential flaws.

You’re a crafter. You know there are always little nuances that should be taken into account. Whether it’s factoring in humidity when letting pigment ink dry or picking the appropriate adhesive through trial and error, crafting takes practice – and it takes a whole lot of mistakes.

I even came across a blog that features all these little slip-ups. If you’re ever feeling in the dumps about your crafting project, craftfail.com will help you realize you’re not alone in your frustration.

You’re probably already thinking of a moment when your project took a turn for the worse. Were you able to recover? Did you find a way to laugh about it? What tips came from your experience?

–Lauren, Paper Source Intern
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  1. Angelia Hanne says:

    Make sure when using an X-acto knife to have butterfly bandages on hand.

  2. Thanks for linking to CraftFail!!