Perfect the art of a handwritten letter with our guide to creating beautiful crafted letters and meaningful messages for a treasured gift.


Handwritten Message

A simple notecard is the perfect canvas for writing thoughtful words.  With a variety of colors and sizes, the Paper Bar is a great foundation for building your stationery wardrobe.  Your personal message will be the highlight of any card, but you can embellish with washi tape or a stamp for added personality.  For inspiration on creating your stationery suite, read “Three Easy Ways to Create Beautiful Stationery” or “The Art of a Handwritten Note” for tips on writing your beautiful message.



Unexpected Embellishments

Make your letter unique by adding artful embellishments to the envelope. Similar to your notecard, washi tape or stamps are an easy way to add a quick decoration.  You can also use brush markers or watercolors to create a painterly, one-of-a-kind envelope.  Using the lettermate addressing guide will help design the layout of your envelope space.  “The Art of Brush Lettering” and “Hand Lettering for Relaxation” are both great guides for perfecting this look.

Alternatively,  you can create your own envelopes!  A DIY envelope allows for optimal personality and thoughtfulness.  When you creating your own envelope, our handmade papers and flat wraps offer a variety of options to match your creativity or vision.  Once complete, you can even add more embellishments like a detail-gold edge by heat embossing or sealing your letter closed with a wax seal.



The Ultimate Treasured Moment

Your handwritten message and embellished are truly a artful gift! Whether you are giving a thoughtful letter or received a treasured card you can make the memory last by putting them on display.

Here are tips for creating your treasured moment:

  • First, find a shadow box frame.  We used an 8″x 10″ white frame.
  • Next, cut out an 8″x 10″ sheet of cardstock in your favorite color.  You can even add decorative edges (like scallops) for added detail.
  • Then, follow our steps above for writing and embellishing your notecard and envelopes.
  • With your letter on display, you cannot forget about the inside of the envelope!  At Paper Source, we love to add envelope liners to all of our envelopes for a unexpected, artful detail.
  • Mount the open envelope cardstock using a tape runner.
  • Using foam squares, mount the card overlapping with the envelope.
  • Craft your favorite paper flower and add it to your arrangement with a glue gun.
  • Once dry, frame it up!
  • Finally, if you are giving your letter as a gift, check out our tips for gift wrapping and making the perfect bow!







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