DIY Moments: Vol. 18 No.5

Create a photo memory box to celebrate dad this Father’s Day – it’s an easy craft that’s perfect for his office and will remind him of all your favorite memories together.

What You’ll Need


  • Collect your favorite photos with your dad, along with any ephemera that represents special memories with him
  • Pick out a decorative paper that fits his personality to cover the frame with


Punch circles out of the photos and ephemera with paper punches. You can also illustrate other favorite memories with stamps or by doodling!


  • Pick a center image and mount it to an 8” x 10” sheet of cardstock.
  • Arrange your circles around the main image and adhere them to the surface. Leave space to add a title to the collage, such as “Our Favorite Memories with Dad”.
  • Draw lines with pen and ruler from the center circle to the outer circles.
  • Write captions along each line that define each memory.


  • Mount the collage in a simple frame.
  • Cut the decorative paper into strips that match the width of the frame.
  • Adhere the strips to the surface of the frame.

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