Just as you take the time to wrap gifts in pretty paper and perfect bows, give your correspondences the same personal touch with DIY envelopes. With the right tools, making your own envelopes is a cinch. Follow our guide to see for yourself.

Things You’ll Need:


How to Make an Envelope:

1. First, choose the fine paper you’d like to use. Lay out a sheet on a flat surface with the pattern face down.


2. Then, place the envelope template on the un-patterned side of the paper and trace around the edges.



3.  With the template still in place, score the edges with the boner folder.



4.  Remove the template, and carefully cut along the traced edges with scissors.



5. Fold along the score lines to make an envelope shape.


6. Use the tape runner along the sides of the bottom flap. Then, fold in the side flaps, and fold up the bottom flap to create the “pocket” of the envelope.




7.  Put your card, letter, or note inside and seal the envelope with washi tape.


8. Hand letter or use a label to address the outside of the envelope.


For more guidance, check out this video with the steps for creating your own envelope!