How To Make a Birthday Banner

A festive banner is the perfect decoration for birthday parties, showers, anniversaries, receptions, welcome homes, graduations and much more! Printable labels make lettering a breeze, but you can also hand write your phrase (we recommend practicing on a plain sheet of paper first to get your lettering right).

Once you decide on the phrase for your banner – “Just Married”, “Happy Birthday”, “Welcome Home” – follow the steps below to make this easy party decoration.

Happy Birthday Banner


  • 1/8″ Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Computer & Printer
  • Oval Labels
  • Oval Scallop Card
  • Ribbon
  • Step-by-Step

    1. Download the print template for our printer-friendly Oval Labels.
    2. You will use the print template to print one letter per oval label. Enter your phrase into the print template, one letter in each label spot (10 letters per page).
    3. In Microsoft Word, change the orientation of the letters so they are formatted vertically (they will print side-ways)
    4. Highlight the individual letters in the print template.
    5. Go to the drop down menu “FORMAT”.
    6. Choose option “TEXT DIRECTION”, then select vertical orientation.
    7. Print your labels.
    8. Remove each label from the sheet and stick to the center of oval scallop cards.
    9. With 1/8″ hole punch make two holes side by side at the top center of each oval scallop card.
    10. Thread 1/4″ ribbon through the punched holes and space letters accordingly.
    11. Hang banner where desired. Celebrate!