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For over 2,000 years, paper craft has been a vehicle for telling stories. History is made memorable by the simple fact that it’s transcribed on paper. Even now, we preserve our own stories by capturing moments through photography, journals, and memory books.

Each of our stories begins with a blank sheet of paper. As we evolve, we acquire ephemera from new experiences and the ones we love. We layer stamps, stickers, and articles onto paper to document those moments of impact. Over time, we are shaped and changed, and every graduation, wedding, move, and job becomes part of our story.

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The art of living

Life is filled with moments, big and small. Many of which are made special by their simplicity alone. When we see beauty in our everyday lives and take the time to capture it on paper, we become more open to our own creativity.1 This is the Art of Living.

We look for ways to make those moments lasting. When we frame a meaningful photo or write a special milestone into our calendar, paper becomes the keeper of those moments. It goes beyond the page and becomes a living, breathing chapter of our life’s story.

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Which do you use most in your day-to-day life?

Paper was kept a secret for hundreds of years after its invention around 100 B.C.2

The art of creating

Paper craft is a vehicle for bringing moments to life, and that act of making connects you to these moments. This is the Art of Creating.

Whether you’re cutting a banner or coloring a card, that process of creation begins with paper. When we make something lasting, we feel more connected to each moment.3 Paper provides the blank canvas on which we can leave our mark with colors, textures, and patterns that inspire.

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What inspires you to create?

Creative “flow” is the secret to happiness, according to some psychologists.4

The art of giving

Whether it’s a memory book of family traditions or a card celebrating a graduation, it feels good to give something you have created, especially if it’s beautifully wrapped. When we give, we feel good, look good, and are inspired to do it all over again.5 This is the Art of Giving.

Passing down memories is one of the most meaningful gifts we can give. When we cement special moments in time through paper craft, we create a permanent memento that can be passed down to those we love.

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What would you most like to give or receive?

Before stamps, the person receiving a letter had to pay upon delivery.6

The art of celebrating

Cards and letters keep us close to those we love, and invitations inspire us to gather together for special moments. This is the Art of Celebrating.

At any celebration – no matter how big or small – the most important component is our community. Festive decor allows us to share traditions and memories, inspiring us to create new moments with people we hold dear.

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You’re planning a surprise party for a friend. The first thing you do is...

The world’s first birthday cards were actually apology letters for not being able to attend festivities in person.7

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