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Invitation Mailing Boxes

Grab their attention with high quality invitation mailing boxes from Paper Source. Your invitations are sure to amaze when they come packaged in our beautiful invitation boxes. Perfect for wedding invitations, party gift boxes or for corporate events, baby and bridal showers, and more, our invitation mailing boxes are here to help elevate your presentation and bring your mailing to the next level!

Make a Great First Impression

Our mailing boxes are available in luxe creams, off whites and neutrals, as well as bold colors! Box mailers are made to perfectly coordinate with the size and color of our envelopes so you can beautifully present your invitations while protecting carefully made handmade embellishments. After all, first impressions are everything!

Elegant, Yet Strong

Our multipurpose mailing boxes are elegant enough for gift wrap and party favors, yet sturdy enough for sending through the mail. These versatile mailing boxes are perfect for mailing formal invitations, presenting party swag, gifting presents and even for crafting.

FAQ About Invitation Mailing Boxes

How big are invitation mailing boxes from Paper Source?

Our A7 Mailing Boxes measure 2.9 x 4.1 in. and are designed to perfect match the size of our Paper Source envelopes.

How do you make invitations look expensive?

Looking for an extra flair of fancy to add to your invitations? Choose an invitation mailing box from Paper Source and take your mailing to the next level! Guests will be surprised and delighted to receive your invite in a beautiful mailing box from Paper Source.

Should invitations be in a box?

The safest way to send an invitation is in an invitation mailing box. This ensures that your invitation remains perfectly intact from your doorstep to theirs and allows ample room for decorations and embellishments on your invitation.

Still wondering what to do with your invitation mailing boxes? Think Outside (Actually Inside) the Box with help from our Paper Source blog!

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