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Writing Utensils

Writing instruments are an incredibly useful tool and have been used for centuries to record history and pass down knowledge from generation to generation. Nowadays pens, pencils and markers are instrumental to our everyday lives for jotting down ideas, writing signatures, making to do lists, and creating art works. Whether you are writing your to do list or writing your next novel, it’s so important to have the right writing tools for you!

Celebrate the Art of Writing

Celebrate the art of writing with unique and decorative writing utensils from Paper Source. Writing is one of our main methods of communicating. What better way to celebrate it than with stylish, professional and fun writing instruments? Whether you need basic black, blue or red pens for completing office tasks or colorful markers for crafting projects, we have the perfect tool for the job. Our pens, pencils, markers, highlighters and crayons come in a variety of options including bright colors, pastels, and metallics. At Paper Source, we have the best writing instruments that you won’t want to let anyone borrow!

Make Each Day a Masterpiece

Make each day a masterpiece with colorful, beautiful and high-quality writing instruments for artists. Make sure you have the right tools for your arts & crafts projects with our unique selection of pens, pencils and markers perfect for doodling, drawing, designing, coloring and painting. We have a huge selection of colored pencils, colorful pens, paint markers in metallics and bright colors. No matter what your project, we have the perfect tools to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Writing Accessories

Find the perfect accessories to pair with your writing utensils at Paper Source. Organize your writing instruments with writing accessories like pencil tins, pen cases and pouches. Compliment your writing utensils with erasers, pencil sharpeners and highlighters. We have everything you need to stay organized, creative and productive!

FAQ About Writing Utensils

What is a writing utensil?

A writing utensil is any tool that is used for writing! The most popular types of writing utensils are pens, pencils & markers.

What is the most common writing instrument?

The most common writing instrument is the pen! More specifically the ballpoint pen is the most popular writing utensil used today.

For more inspiration of ways to use your writing instruments and celebrate the art of writing, check out our Paper Source Blog posts!

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