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Personalized Bookplates

If you are looking for the perfect custom bookplate stamp or custom bookplate embosser, look no further than Paper Source! Custom bookplates are a helpful tool to mark ownership and assist your lent books in getting returned to their rightful owner. Our custom bookplates are perfect to place inside your favorite fiction story, in your most used cookbook, or in your frequently checked out classroom books. Bookplates can be used to personalize your most treasured books, serving as a record to last generations. They also make excellent gifts for baby showers, young readers, teachers, and book lovers of all ages!

FAQ about Custom Bookplates

What is a bookplate?

A bookplate is a sticker, stamp or embossing plate used to mark the owner’s name inside a book. Custom bookplates are a great way signify ownership and to assist in getting your books back after you lend them out.

Do people still use bookplates?

Yes, people still use bookplates! Personalized bookplates are helpful in keeping track of your property and assuring your lent books are returned to their rightful owner. They also make a wonderful addition to place in your most treasured books, ensuring a personal record that lasts generations to come.

What page do you put a bookplate on?

In general, bookplates are placed inside the front cover or on the blank page at the beginning of the book.

What size should bookplates be?

While there is no set size for bookplates, a bookplate must be small enough to fit inside a standard book. At Paper Source, the impression left by our custom bookplate stamps measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Similarly, our custom bookplate embossing plates measure 1 1/2" round.

What does the phrase ‘Ex Libris’ mean?

Originating from the Latin, the term ‘Ex Libris’ translates to “from the library of” and has been in use for centuries dating back to when librarianship started to become popular. Nowadays, this phrase is frequently incorporated into bookplates to signify ownership.