Waste Not Paper

What is Waste Not Paper?

Waste Not Paper is the wholesale arm of Paper Source. We sell to stationery stores, gift shops, and independent designers. Our focus from the start has been to provide products that are beautiful, creative and friendly to the world.

What Do We Sell?

By leveraging the design power and scale of Paper Source, we are able to bring a unique collection of bulk paper and envelopes, as well many stationery, ribbon and wrap, gifts and kit items to our customers. While not all products sold at Paper Source can be purchased through Waste Not Paper, many of our best selling styles and our entire bulk paper line are available.

Become a Wholesale Customer

To become a wholesale customer, you must provide a retail certificate and either sell or use our product in your business. To open an account with Waste Not Paper, please visit our customer site where you can learn more and fill out an application. If you have a specific question, please contact our Waste Not Paper customer service team at 1-800-867-2737.

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